The 3 Best Laser Sights for Springfield XD, XDM and XDS

Looking for a solid laser sight for your Springfield XD, XDS or XDM? Whether it’s your carry gun or just a range toy, a good laser sight will help you improve your target acquisition and accuracy at speed.

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Here are the top lasers for Springfield XD, XDM and XDS that we found:

LaserMax Guide Rod Laser Springfield 3″ XD Series LMS-3XD

Being a Springfield XD or XDM owner means a lot of different things. Most importantly, it means that you have a ton of options when it comes to awesome accessories. Sighting systems are no exception and when comparing the dozens of different laser systems available for the XD and XDM, one stands a head above the crowed. Shooters looking for a sight that is extraordinarily easy to install, who prioritize a sight that won’t easily slip out of calibration, can take a beating, and add nothing to the profile of the handgun will find that the LaserMax Guide Rod laser system is an impossible to beat package. Unlike rail mounted optics, the LaserMax system is supported by the guide spring of the pistol and is mounted inside of the existing frame of the firearm. It emits a bright pulsating red laser dot that supports rapid fire and competition shooting.

Because the laser is held in place by the frame of the pistol and the guide spring, it will never need to be aligned. If you are a long-distance shooter, this can pose a challenge because the sight cannot be adjusted for windage or range. For the majority of handgun shooters, this is a tremendous advantage that will keep your rounds on target. Still not sold? The sight doesn’t create holster compatibility issues like other red dot sights. You can keep your favorite IWB holster and get the accuracy boost of a purpose built sight.

Crimson Trace Springfield Armory XD and XDM Laserguard

Crimson Trace dominates the laser sight market. There is a good reason behind the fact that so many manufacturers sell their firearms with Crimson Trace laser grips directly from the factory. Why is that? They are easy to install, extremely light, last forever, hold their accuracy after hundreds of rounds of shooting, and have one of the most intuitive operating systems around. Unlike a rail based laser sighting system, the Crimson Trace system is molded with a debris tight fight directly to the trigger guard of your pistol’s frame. This enhances stability and allows your finger to rest directly atop the on/off switch of the laser sight whenever you hold your pistol at the ready position.

Due to their popularity with Springfield XD and XDM shooters, there are a ton of Crimson Trace friendly Springfield holsters. If you purchased a XD or XDM with the accessory package, you will likely want to look into a Crossbreed holster for your XD to get a firm fit while accommodating your sight.

Lasertac Rechargeable Subcompact Green Laser Sight Light Combo

If you hate swapping out disposable batteries to keep your laser burning bright, consider Lasertac’s fully rechargeable option. Running off an included pair of lithium ion batteries that are quickly charged with the included charger, this green laser light combo pack is something you need to consider adding to your arsenal. The sight is mounted to Springfield XD and XDM pistols with a universal rail mount that makes this system compatible with most other similarly sized pistols on the market. Because it isn’t platform specific, you can purchase this system with the confidence that it will work on all S&W M&Ps, PX-4s, SR9Cs, Glocks, and several other commonly sold striker fired pistols. This is a huge advantage for budget conscious shoppers looking for competition grade performance.
The performance of this laser and light combo package holds up to the competition well. At an entry price of just $129, the Lasertac offering boasts a very bright Class IIIA green laser and flashlight, both of which are fully adjustable and include toggle activated strobe features. Still not convinced? This is one of the only sighting options on the market that includes a USB adapter to allow you to charge your batteries from a laptop, car or any other USB enabled device.

Viridian X5L Green Laser Sight and Tac Light (Bonus Pick!)

If you buy the best, you only cry once. Odds are that if you see the value in purchasing a $7,000 Rolex, you’ll appreciate the refinement and performance Viridian offers in the X5L green laser and tactical light system. Whether you are a die-hard shooter, a perfectionist who won’t accept compromises when it comes to life saving equipment, or are an unapologetic competition shooter, the X5L offers devastating performance that leads the industry. Its 532NM wave length laser is diffused in the sight to simultaneously light up a pitch-black space and make sure rounds go precisely where you want them. A robust, duty-grade battery lets this system operate for 10 or more hours.

As with their other high-grade products, the X5L features an optional instant-on feature that engages the light and laser the second the weapon is drawn from a holster. This lets you get on target without fumbling around for a switch that is easily missed in high stress situations. It easily fits the XD and XDM and will mount to almost any pistol that sports a rail. With that kind of versatility and track record of performance, this is the type of sight that does everything you could expect and more from a high grade optic.