5 Awesome Gun Cleaning Mats You Should Own

I don’t know about you, but I love shooting A LOT! What I don’t like is cleaning my guns, and I also do that a lot! One thing that I’ve found that has improved my gun cleaning habits has been to buy a good gun cleaning mat.

I used to just lay out an old towel on the table and clean everything from my AR-15 to my handguns and everything in-between. Well, that sucked.

When you have a high-quality gun cleaning mat, you don’t have to worry about all manner of things slipping off the table onto the floor, from springs, those pain in the butt little dowels that hold your grip together, and half the lower parts kit for your AR build.

gun cleaning mat

We’ve put together a list of some really good gun cleaning mats that you should consider if you’re in the market for a new gun mat that doesn’t suck.

1. TekMat AR-15 Gun Cleaning Mat

You’ve got to love this mat just on looks alone. What a cool addition to your gun cleaning/maintenance/building workbench. It measures 12″ by 36″ so that you can fit your AR or rifle on there and it’s a nice non-slip neoprene rubber backing.

It won’t hurt your gun’s finish either, it’s got a really nice polyester surface that will also stop oil and gun solvents from getting through to your tabletop.

The exploded view of a typical AR-15 is obviously the centerpiece of this mat and it has an itemized view of pretty much every piece that makes up a standard AR-15 rifle.

2. Lyman Gun Maintenance Mat for Handguns

Here’s a good, inexpensive gun cleaning and maintenance pad that ensures that stuff won’t be rolling off your table. It’s got recessed sections in it to stop screws, springs and other gun pieces from falling out of place.

3. Glock Cleaning Mat with Exploded View of a Glock

Love Glocks? This is your cleaning and maintenance mat. It has a cool exploded view of a Glock pistol so you’ll always know how to put it back together (like it’s hard or something).

It measures 11″ x 17″ with a soft cloth top and anti-slip backing. Plus it’s made by Glock so you know it’s good!

glock cleaning mat

4. Real Avid Smart Mat Gun Cleaning Mat

Well this mat is actually real smart, well at least the manufacturer was. They made a nice non-slip mat that measures 16″ x 36″ and it also has a parts tray on the side. NICE!

5. TekMat 11″ x 17″ Handgun Cleaning Mat (Exploded View)

If you like exploded view gun cleaning mats, then you will love these. All of the TekMat gun cleaning mats and pads are high-quality plus they have awesome exploded views on them. You can choose from almost all popular handguns like CZ-75 to 1911 and more. For under $15, it’s definitely not a bad deal.

Get a Nice Gun Cleaning Mat

Why should you get a nice gun cleaning mat rather than that old towel or rag? A nice non-slip gun mat or pad won’t allow gun oils or gun solvents to leak through into your nice table.

If you’re like me, that might be your kitchen table, and we definitely don’t want to mess that up.

Also, you won’t be losing all of those teeny tiny little pieces and parts of your gun, especially when you’re taking it apart and you need that stuff to basically stick on the mat.

Lastly, I guarantee you that the number 1 or 2 reason why your gun has scratches or is wearing out on the surface is either holster wear or caused by the surface you’re cleaning it on.

All of the gun cleaning mats listed above cost less than $20 and get shipped to your door. Not a whole lot of money by any means.