The Best AR Scope Mounts

Having a good AR scope mount is just as important as a good scope.  Our experts found the best AR-15 scope mounts on the market for you in this post.

the best ar scope mounts

Let’s get started with the best AR scope mounts below.

Nikon P-Series Riflescope Picatinny Mount

A simple design from Nikon that is far from simple. The offset mounting allows you to put your scope where you want it, and the two piece mounting allows adaptability for different scopes. Simple, elegant, affordable. There are a couple of drawbacks that AR users might find annoying, but if you want a simple mounting solution for scoping your AR, this is it.

The design doesn’t incorporate any built-in mounting for extra hardware, so piggybacking a laser or some other extra feature is not going to work. The mount also has no quick release feature, which you might be craving, especially on an AR-15. As far as a 30 caliber AR-10 for hunting, this design is sweet and simple.

This AR scope mount is also very affordable right now.

CCOP High Profile AR-ArmourTac Rifle Scope Mount

Take a simple offset scope mounting solution with two rings, and then shape it out of one piece of metal. One piece, one mount, one solution. The immediate downside, of course, is if you have an oddly shaped scope, it isn’t going to work, and no amount of fiddling will make it.

Thumb-screw type securing knobs are nice, and they can be fast if you don’t ratchet them down, but they are no substitute for a quick release system. The mount also includes no extra railing for accessories. It’s an elegant solution for those that don’t need all those fancy extras, like on a hunting rifle, but ultimately not for everyone.

Green Blob Outdoors Tactical 1 inch Black Cantilever Flat Top Dual Ring AR Scope Mount

Here’s a scope mount for everyone, well almost. The single piece scope mount doesn’t allow for deviation from a traditional scope tube, so if your scope doesn’t fit, you can’t move the rings out or in the make it. On the other hand, there are two smooth top ring closures, and two with extra rails. Mount your high power scope on the ring base, and you can still toss a holographic sight on top, if you like.

Elegance when you want it, and features when you need them. In any configuration, it will customize your rifle for your needs. Too bad it doesn’t come with a quick release. It does however come at a good price right now on Amazon.

Leupold Rifleman Detachable See-Thru High Rings

Need a scope, but still want the option to use a low mounted peep sight? Leupold has you covered. A narrow, low powered scope will leave plenty of room to peek through the ring openings under your scope so that you can see your post for quick target acquisition when you don’t need magnification. Is that a good solution for me? Probably not. But maybe you can make use of this design for all kinds of purposes.

The two piece ring system doesn’t allow for quick detach or extra rails. At the very least this is a solid mounting for any standard scope. If you decide to use the see-thru feature, then these are the rings you want.

NcStar AR15 QR Weaver Mount/Cantilever Scope Mount

This is a cool scope. Quick detach system for easily removing the scope when you don’t need it. The rings are not offset, so if you are looking for that, then this isn’t for you. It does however make use of inserts so that it can fit both one-inch and 30mm tube diameters, making it incredibly versatile.

For a scope with this many features, you would think they would include some kind of rail attachment for more functionality. But I suppose you can’t have everything. Overall, this is a good ar scope mount that’s worth the money.