The 5 Best Glock Accessories and Mods You Can Buy

Since Glocks first came out in the 80’s and gained popularity, Glock fanatics everywhere have been modifying them and adding accessories to make “Glock Perfection” even better.

best glock accessories

We definitely love Glocks here at Gun Laser Guide and we’ve got a few Glock accessories that we think belong on your Glock. From the grip to the iron sights, you need to read this article if you love modding Glock pistols!

1. Slide Stop Levers 

An absolute must-have addition to your favorite handgun, a slide stop lever is a fine improvement in contrast to the stock flat side release. The slide stop lever is preferred usually by novice shooters and users that haven’t spent much time with the gun, because the lever is more accessible, and much quicker to use, thus reducing the time between magazine changes.

The lever is not overall too damaging to the pistol’s aesthetics, but it is useful and that’s what counts – this little, inexpensive addition may mean a great deal in a life or death situation.


  • Inexpensive, easily installed.
  • Significantly improves the handling of the slide of the weapon.
  • Quickens the reload time of the weapon.
  • A good addition for less experienced users.


  • None that we can think of!

2. Extended Magazine Release Lever

An extended magazine release lever is a preferred choice for novices and professionals alike. This extended lever will increase the accuracy of your finger when wanting to release the magazine, and thus it will increase the speed of reloading the pistol.

Because the stock release lever is rather short, the new one will ensure that you do not have to search for it, which may prove critical when you’re under pressure (hopefully, you won’t be), and many law enforcement and military branches swear by this little accessory.


  • Easy to install.
  • Sticks out more, so you will find it more easily.
  • Widely regarded by civilian users, law enforcement officers, and military personnel.


  • Because it sticks out, there is a slight danger of accidentally releasing the magazine.

3. Glock Trigger Spring Replacement – 8lb for Carry

The trigger system on a Glock sidearm is quite good, but it is far from perfect. Many users that have a distinct taste for the Glock often find the stock trigger too heavy. The stock five-and-a-half pound trigger on a standard Glock  will impede on the accuracy of your shots, especially for those who are not accustomed to the trigger safety.

This NY1 trigger spring replacement will smooth out the take up and give you a crisper break and reset.


  • Smoother trigger pull
  • Crisper trigger break
  • Easily installed


  • Combine with the 3.5mm connector for best results

4. Glock Grip Extensions

If you’re like me, you don’t love having only three fingers on your Glock 27. I’ve got big hands and it can be detrimental to my grip if I can’t get my pinky on the grip.

There are a lot of options when it comes to grip extensions for your Glocks and I have one on every small Glock I own.

I have a couple but I think the best grip extension is probably going to be the Pierce Grips extensions which are both very good and affordable. They’re also available on many Glock models like the 26, 27, 33 and Glock 39.


5. Tritium Night Sights

One of the concerns the users have voiced is the durability of stock iron sights on Glock pistols. This is why many opt to change them and upgrade to steel-made sights that are sure to last a long time.

Another benefit of installing night sights is obviously for the visibility of your sights in low-light conditions.

If you haven’t already, check out our post on the best night sights for Glock.

However, you will have to acquire a  sight tool or you may want to attend a Glock Sport Shooting Foundation event, and they will install your sights for free.


  • Tritium sights are perfect for low or no light conditions and ideal for a home defense firearm

Which Accessories Are Right for Your Glock?

We’ve told you about a few of our favorite accessories for Glock pistols that we feel are worth the money. Many of these accessories are actually pretty cheap, coming in at under $100.

Did you notice that we didn’t mention laser sights in this post? Well we feel that a good laser sight is more than an “accessory”. If you’re looking to learn more about laser sights for Glocks, check out our ultimate guide to Glock laser sights.