The 5 Best Shotgun Slings

I do a bit of shotgun deer hunting (slugs) as well as pheasant hunting. Let me tell you from experience that after carrying a shotgun for a full day out in the field, you’re going to know if your old shotgun sling just isn’t cutting it.

best shotgun sling

There are a lot of really great options out there now for shotgun slings but we had to whittle down our list to just 5 of the best shotgun slings.

We researched and reviewed many, but here is our list of the best shotgun slings on the market below:

Gun Sling Paracord 550 Adjustable Length 2 Point Strap

Handmade in the USA from 550 cord, this strap could be perfect for the hunter who doesn’t mind showing off his orange while in the woods, but not so perfect if you need a bandoleer style sling to hold extra shells.

The all metal hardware makes a perfect accompaniment, latching securely onto the shotgun. Heavy webbing on one end makes the sling adjustable, from 36 to 46 inches in length, so it’s ideal for most shotguns or AR 15s. If you want another color, it also comes in black or tan for a more understated look, or a tactical purpose.

The sling is made from 40 feet of 7 strand paracord, and the webbing is 600 denier woven polyester. All metal hardware is powder coated, making everything on this strap UV stabilized, mildew resistant, and high strength. Not to mention at a great price.

Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling

Simple, utilitarian design, built for purpose instead of style. This shotgun sling from Blackhawk. It’s slightly adjustable, but don’t expect it to deviate from 40 inches by much. The spring clips will need an attach point, so if your shotty isn’t already equipped with them, you may need to purchase hardware.

The bandoleer style sling will hold 15 extra rounds of ammunition, but be aware that the ammo loops are single stitched, so if the thread comes undone, you really lose 2 ammo slots instead of one. The back is a non-slip material to hold the sling in place securely. Overall, not a bad bit of sling for the money.

Mossberg Shotgun Ammo Sling

Made in the USA. The webbing is designed to attach directly to one-inch swivels, so you will need those on your shotgun if you don’t have them already. The strap itself is 2” wide heavy duty nylon with rubber grip strips to prevent your weapon from sliding around.

The ammo loops are a single stitch design, and you might find them a little loose when loaded with 20 gauge shells, but they seem to hold on. 410 shells are right out of the question.

Overall, it’s a good shotgun sling. At this price point, it’s pretty reasonable for what you’re getting.

The Outdoor Connection Padded Super Sling

Comes with swivels, so it doesn’t just look good, it’s ready to go on most shotguns equipped with mounting points. The Talon quick-release swivels are easy to operate, robust, and reliable. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with shell holders, this guy is designed for comfort, camo, and aim-assist.

Camo options are either MAX 4 or Mossy Oak patterns, your choice, or you could save a little money and go with the flat black option. No matter what color pattern you pick, this sling will install quickly and easily to any swivel base. Total length on the sling is 54 inches, though it can be adjusted down.

It’s a very nice shotgun sling for hunters or other sportsmen. For the price, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

NIANPU 2 Point Shotgun Sling

Adjustable rifle sling with included swivel hooks and 14 shell holder. The construction is 2 inch heavy nylon with one inch webbing leading to the swivel hooks. Comes in black, olive drab, or tan. This sling is designed for twelve gauge shells, so if you have a 20 gauge you might want to reconsider, as there is a potential for them to slide out of the holder shots.

The stitching is strong, and the material is heavy and durable. You won’t need to worry about it falling apart. The clips are snap clips which hold really securely, but come off fast when you want to remove the sling.

It’s one of the cheapest shotgun slings on this list, but it doesn’t fall short on quality.