The 5 Best Tactical Boots You Should Own

Whether you’re LEO, military, a hunter or just love the outdoors and walking in it, you need a pair of dependable boots that will keep your feet dry and allow you to keep moving.

tactical boots

The term, “tactical boots” has many shaking their heads and wondering what’s so special about a pair of boots that makes them tactical or “tacti-cool”. Well, the tactical boots we’ve listed below are special in their own right and have some special designs and features that make them well suited for tactical situations as well as any outdoor activity where you need a rugged pair of shoes on your feet.

Let’s jump right into our top 5 best tactical boots below:

Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Men’s Tactical Side-Zip Boots

The Breach 2.0 is built to be a tough boot, constructed from leather and nylon to give you full protection, without the expense of full comfort, according to some.

The zippers are YKK style, making them easy to grab, and getting your boots off is straightforward. Treads are not super aggressive, but with the anti-slip coatings they work well enough. Smith & Wesson is known for making quality products, and not letting much junk wear their logo.

These boots perform, they are pretty comfortable, and the price is right. Don’t expect to go wading in them, but they work well enough to keep your feet dry under normal conditions, especially with a fresh coat of weatherproofing.

The Smith and Wessons are a solid pair of tactical boots for a great price right now.

Maelstrom Men’s Tac Force 8 Inch Zipper Tactical Boot

Light, weatherproof, and aggressive treads make these Maelstrom boots pretty special, and the price makes things even better.

Constructed from leather and fabric, the rubber soles are anti slip, and will help you keep your footing over either rugged terrain or on slippery surfaces. The shock-absorbing mid-sole keeps the comfort level up during high activity levels, and makes for a boot that you can wear all day without killing your feat. The tongue and collar are padded for extra comfort, and the leather is polish friendly if you want to keep looking sharp.

Check out the reviews of this boot on Amazon before you buy.

Under Armour Men’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boot

Renowned for comfort level, some are still skeptical about how well under armor boots will hold up over time, due to a rocky start in the boot industry.

They seem to have taken care of the early manufacturing problems with this DWR treated combination of leather and 900D nylon, while maintaining the same superb comfort they are known for. This is a boot that you can wear all day, but on the down-side, it doesn’t come with a zipper closure.

And of course, when it comes to wicking moisture away and letting your feet breathe, c’mon, we’re talking Under Armor here. Breathable is what they do.

Magnum Men’s Response II 8″ Tactical Boot

When it comes to comfort, performance, style, and anything else, you would easily expect to pay twice as much for these boots. The tread pattern is slightly low profile, but still super aggressive, and made for high traction. The leather and nylon upper won’t fall apart on you, and the sole is plenty comfortable. The material is breathable and light. All said, this is a wonderful tactical boot, specially in urban environments. They’re also great for wearing out and about.

Rocky Duty Men’s Modern Paraboot

If you are willing to spend a little more, these duty boots from Rocky might be the way to go. Leather constructed upper, rubber sole, and every bit as mean as they look. They feature a zipper closure and an aggressive slip-resistant tread pattern. If you are going to be standing over a slick, oily floor.

I recommend scuffing the sole over concrete first, as the large lug treads will likely have some initial slip on oily surfaces. The boot is water resistant, and as far as durability goes, a full leather upper is pretty a fairly stout choice. Rocky has been trusted by many for years, for a reason.