The 5 Best Tactical Knee Pads

Whether you’re sliding, kneeling, crawling or running, a good pair of tactical knee pads will save your knees and help you on your mission.

In this post, we take a look at 5 of the best tactical knee pads out on the market today and evaluate them on several criteria including durability, comfort and knee support.

the best tactical knee pads

So let’s get started with our list of the top tactical knee pads below.

1. Rothco Tactical Protective Knee Pads

Six different colors to choose from, a 900 denier, non-slip cap to keep these knee pads from sliding down your leg while crawling. These aren’t a one-size fits all solution, so if you have larger knees, you may want to look elsewhere. The straps are not the strongest in the world. Still, they seem to hold together well, and won’t fall off while crawling through the mud or running obstacle courses. Great for paint ball.

The cup is sturdy, but the buttons holding it aren’t the greatest. They’re made from a cheaper material and prone to breaking if you are especially tough on them. I wouldn’t use them in on rocky terrain, but they should perform well in other environments.

They’re at a really good price right now too if you’re interested.

2. BLACKHAWK! Advanced Tactical Knee Pads V.2

Ah, good old Blackhawk tactical, there to answer our needs when we don’t know where else to turn. These knee pads provide a fair amount of protection with 600 denier plastic caps, and the felt-type interior padding is pretty comfortable, if they fit right.

There seems to be a mix between people who are comfortable wearing these and those who aren’t. Taller people are going to find that the cups feel a bit on the small side for coverage. The straps can feel a little weird. If you are shorter than six feet tall, then they should work fine, and they are plenty rugged. No need to worry about them falling apart on you. See the current price on these over at Amazon right now (best price).

3. Alta Industries 50413 AT50413-14 AltaFLEX Knee Pads

Comfort and performance in one place. Alta Industries designed these pads to be built for life. The cap isn’t as rugged as other pads. It’s made of some type of synthetic rubber, which is slightly flexible and has a tendency of gripping the cement when kneeling.

Plenty sturdy, but won’t stay scuff-free for long. The pads are super comfortable, but if you are depending on a lot of sharp impact resistance versus kneeling and crawling, you may want to rethink getting these.

For most tactical purposes they will work great, but not the tactics of skateboarding or rollerblading.

4. Outdoor Sports Tactical Combat Knee & Elbow Protective Pads

The best thing about these knee pads? They include elbow pads, and still run the same price as other knee pads in this category. The look and feel of them is something designed for sports, so they come with certain benefits and drawbacks in that area.

On the pro side, the cups are really hard, impact resistant, and durable. They’ll take a beating without beating up your legs or giving you strap rash. But all that ruggedness comes at a cost. The fitting is solid enough that it shouldn’t slip, but it can, which is a trade-off for comfort level.

The hard plastic caps also have a tendency of slipping, so if you are propped on a rock taking careful aim, there’s a chance that your knee could slip off. Ouch! Still, depending on terrain conditions and how they’ll be used, these could be a treasure for your situation.

5. HWI Next Generation Tactical Quick Release Knee Pads

No need to worry about improper coverage with these. The extra long cup will be sure to protect you no matter how tall you are. They come with a comfortable and useful rubber pad that will keep them from slipping down your pants. The cup is solid and durable, as are the straps. They cost a little more, but for the price, they are pretty amazing.

If you are having trouble locating a pair of knee pads that you can resonate with, these might be for you. The build quality alone makes them much more valuable than the price tag would suggest, and they are ready for anything. Whether it’s a sporting event, crawling in the mud, skating, paint ball, or anything else, these are the best pads around.