The Best Scopes for SKS Rifles

The Russian SKS is one heck of a rifle. It’s powerful and accurate – a great combination. But how about if you want to put a scope on your SKS? Well first you’re going to need a special SKS scope mount, then you can pretty much pick and choose any scope that you’d like.

best sks rifle scope

In this post, we found some of the best scopes for SKS rifles that will allow you to take the firepower of the SKS and bring it to the next level with amazing accuracy out of a quality scope. This isn’t going to be a standard issue Russian weapon anymore after you’re done with it! This predecessor to the AK-47 can be one mean shooter with a good scope.

Let’s get on to the list, shall we?

1. SNIPER Tactical Scope with Front Fiber Optic Sight

This is a really cool sight. Short enough for clearance from the SKS ejector, which is important. The fiber-optic rifle sight sitting neatly on top is great for those times when you don’t need the 4x magnification of the multi-coated optics. This is a compact sight that doesn’t only look good, it’s everything you want in an SKS scope.

The coatings and aperture provide a very clear image. Battery illumination works in dark conditions, but isn’t needed in the daytime, as you have a horseshoe reticle etched onto the scope glass.

Forward rails provide room for a low-profile laser or flashlight, or any other accessory you want to mount. You can get as silly and carried away as you want. Or, you can stuff the extra tactical accessories, and the rails are integrated in such a way that they are hardly noticeable.

I really like this scope, and it’s perfect for hog-hunting with an SKS. But beware, it’s just as heavy as it looks. About 450 grams. It is also home to a bunch of screws and moving parts, so you might want to give the solid pieces a squirt of loctite and re-tighten everything, just to be on the safe side.

The best part? The price is nice.

2. Monstrum Tactical 3-9×40 Rifle Scope for SKS

Comes with a range-finder reticle. Not really too important as most people don’t shoot over 200 yards with an SKS. But if you have an accurate gun and you want to pop goats at 600 yards, you could.

The Monstrum is basically a fully capable high-powered rifle scope, shortened to the point where it can mount easily onto your SKS.

Just like its big brothers in the scope world, it has a 32mm aperture and is adjustable from 3 – 9x. The lighted reticle is nice but not needed under most conditions (unless you are dispatching hogs)

The scope gets a little fuzzy from 8 – 9x, which is a typical problem of high zoom ratios and small scopes. At higher power, you might also notice the picture dim a little, as the exit pupil shrinks to 4 millimeters. The effect will be increased in low light conditions. The eye relief is a tad short as well. But altogether a quality glass for your SKS, and even at high magnification, the reticle stays nice and sharp.

3. Barska 4×32 IR Contour Scope for SKS

Here’s a neat little optic that won’t break the bank, and makes a nice addition to your SKS. It is short enough to clear the ejection chamber, but double check your mounting before you start slinging hot brass. You want it mounted as far forward as possible.

Low magnification and long eye-relief. That eye-relief means that you can nudge this scope forward on the rail of your SKS for extra clearance. Shock-proof construction for extra toughness, and a lighted reticle are some more features.

The reticle crosshair is bright. Really bright, no matter which color you choose. I don’t think you will ever have a compelling reason to turn it all the way up, even in the daytime.

The magnification isn’t adjustable, but at 4x on an SKS, it doesn’t need to be. It’s perfect for this rifle. All these special peculiarities coupled with a low price means all win for the SKS owner. A bright picture that never gets fuzzy, on a scope that won’t lose zero.