The Best 1-6x Scopes

It’s hard to beat a good 1-6x scope, especially on a good rifle platform like an AR-15. You get the magnification you need for short distance engagements and the option to adjust so you can reach out further and touch a target.

Not all 1-6 scopes are all they’re cracked up to be with lots of cheapo variants of the really good models.

best 1-6x scope

In this post, our experts reveal their top picks for the best 1-6x scopes available. If you’re in the market for a 1-6x scope, these are the scopes you need to be looking at.

Millett Tactical Designated Marksman 1x6x Scope

This scope from Millett Tactical gives you an illuminated reticule with 11 different brightness setting. The turrets are exposed over the aluminum tube, but they lock to ensure proper adjustment.

Magnification is 1-6x, and at the lowest power allows target acquisition with both eyes open, a true 1x scope. The BCR-1 reticle is calibrated to .223/5.56 ammunition, giving you proper hold-over points out to 500 yards. It comes packaged very well and it’s a rugged optic.

I’d like to see a little more from the coatings with a scope in this price range, but it makes up for not having superb clarity with the functioning and mechanics.

BARSKA 1-6×32 IR SWAT-AR Riflescope

If you are looking for something a little different than the minimal tube and zoom design, perhaps something to dress up that pretty black rifle, or you simply want more light, then this scope from Barska might be right up your alley.

The mil-dot reticule is back-lit with several brightness settings. The tube is 35mm, but not to worry, it comes with a dual cantilever ring mount. The box also includes flip-up scope caps and a CR2032 battery. The tube is o-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for all weather performance.

The optics are fully multi-coated with a 32mm aperture, so this scope will capture more light than the traditional 1-6x design, and transmit more to your eyes. With an exit pupil of 5.3mm at the highest magnification, it’s work-able at night. It’s rugged, and it’ll look mean, either on your AR or your deer rifle.

The price is right at the moment so make sure to check this scope out.

Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6 x 24

For the price, the optical quality of this scope is unmatched. The tube is manufactured from a single piece of aluminum to ensure strength, as well as making weatherproofing easy.

Simply put, if you compare the optics on the Vortex apples for apples with any other 24mm objective, specially in the dark, you are going to notice the difference.

The picture is clear of distortion, which has made this scope well known amongst shooters. It may cost a little more, but if you want the best optics, at least for a 24mm objective, then this is the scope for you.

Primary Arms 1-6 X 24mm Hunting Scope

This scope comes with a lot in the box, including a 3 year warranty. The tube is built rugged and Primary Arms is willing to back it up. It comes with twelve brightness settings. The reticle is a little strange, adaptable to .223, .308, or 5.45×39. With that many options, you can pretty well figure up the drop rates for any other caliber and adjust accordingly, but the reticle itself might take a little getting used to.

Optically, the tube is sound, and all of the glass is fully multi-coated. Overall, the extra price here is going to the reticle and the warranty, so keep that in mind. It may make or break this scope from being on your wish list.

Monstrum Tactical 1-6×24 First Focal Plane (FFP) Rifle Scope

Monstrum tactical tends to do everything that other name brands do while keeping you on budget. If you don’t want to spend over 200 clams for a scope, then they have just what you need.

A long eye relief of over 4 inches, easy ranging information in the reticle, straightforward turret setup, rings, caps (though they are not flip-ups), and a sealed, nitrogen charged tube to house the whole thing.

The glass coatings are not the best in the world, but being a single focal point scope, there’s also less glass in the way obstructing the incoming light.

Still, for a quality, rugged scope with a wonderful crosshair, illumination, and robust adjustment, you really couldn’t ask for much more at this price range.