The Best Bipods for AR-15

So you’re looking for a good bipod for your AR-15. It’s easy to get confused about what’s good and what’s not worth buying because there are so many bipod choices out there for the AR-15 platform.

best bipod for ar15

In this post, we’ve done the hard work for you in researching which bipods are the best for your rifle. Find out what our experts think are the best bipods for AR-15 for your money below.

1. UTG Tactical Bipod with QD Lever Mount

We’ve reviewed other UTG products in the past including some of their laser sights for AR-15 so we know that they make some very high quality products for the price. This particular bipod with quick-disconnect mount is no exception.

It will fit any AR-15 with a picatinny or weaver rail system. It’s all-metal construction makes it a truly heavy-duty accessory for your rifle.

It’s got fully adjustable legs that can extend (3 settings) and non-slip rubber foot pads so it stays put when fired.

Everything about this bipod says “high-quality” except for the price tag. You pick this bad boy up for less than $50 and yes, it is well worth the money.

2. TipTop Tactical Rifle Bipod

Adjustable from 7 to 10.5 inches, TipTop has made a very versatile bipod for the money.

One really nice feature is that the head of this bipod can pan from side to side for quick target acquisition without having to re-adjust the legs of the bipod.

We like it for it’s solid construction as well. It’s a very well built bipod with a useful quick disconnect system. It’s lightweight and strong. Even the finish on this thing is tough – it’s made with a durable black anodized finish that won’t rust or chip easily.

For under $100, this is one of the better bipods you can buy right now.

3. Ohuhu Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod

Ever heard of Ohuhu before? Neither did we but they make a fantastic bipod for AR-15’s. It has foldable arms with spring tension and it just feels really stable when mounted.

It’s made of aluminum so you know it’s going to be light but this bipod is barely noticeable when mounted on my Colt AR.

It’s not bad on the pocketbook either and there are a LOT of positive reviews for this particular AR-15 bipod.

4. UTG Hi Pro Shooter’s Bipod for AR-15

Want a bipod for your AR that is simple and just flat out works? This is it.

For under $30, you get a solidly built bipod that will stabilize your rifle and provide a strong base for any kind of shooting or varmint hunting that you will be doing with your AR-15. Another nice feature is that the legs extend to 10.6″ and it also can pan from side to side.

Don’t be fooled by the price, this is definitely a top-tier bipod in terms of usability and build quality.

5. Atlas Bipod w/ ADM

Here’s another top-of-the-line bipod for AR-15 owners. It’s built so solidly that you probably wouldn’t have problems mounting it to a Barrett .50.

Every last feature of this bipod is made to be excellent. For instance, the ADM quick disconnect is very easy to use. The tolerances on this bipod are REALLY tight.

Out of all of the bipods that I’ve ever tried, the Atlas takes the cake in terms of quality and performance.

I had one of my buddies use it at the range on my AR and he was floored by the quality. If you’re looking for the best bipod for AR-15 that money can buy, you should definitely take a look at the Atlas line of bipods.

You can check the lowest price right now and also read the reviews. This thing is loved by all.

6. UTG Tactical OP Bipod

Looking for a no-frills bipod that supports shooters with any AR-15 rifle? The UTG Tactical OP Bipod is a tremendously well-designed bipod that is created from lightweight, heavy duty metals. UTG promises and delivers stability with this bipod! The usability of the bipod is greatly enhanced because it’s quickly attached and removed from your rifle with a rapid adjustment lever that holds your bipod snugly to the rifle’s Picatinny rail without ever needing to use tools.
This is yet another adjustable bipod, but this is likely one of the most adjustable bipods on the market. With 7 preset adjustment settings, you can make this accessory grow or shrink to meet your needs and it will conform to even challenging terrain.  This stability doesn’t slow down the bipod’s deployment, either. It’s a spring-loaded bipod that will get you on the target than anything you’ve seen elsewhere.

7. Ohuhu Hunting Tactical Rifle Bipod with Picatinny and Swivel Stud Mounts

This is one of the best bipods for the AR-15 platform because it gives you a number of stable shooting positions and a high level of adjustability at a very reasonable price. This bipod stands apart from the crowd because it is truly intended for use by hunters. It’s resilient and adjusts to give stable, level shooting options in challenging environments.

Ohuhu’s Hunting Tactical Bipod is a universal mount in that it mounts without a fuss to the swivel stud mounts and Picatinny rail mount. The construction of this bipod is second-to-none. It’s able to hold your rifle firmly in place whenever you are shooting in rapid succession or over long ranges. You won’t miss the mark because a cheap bipod failed to provide adequate support when using this mount!
As might be expected, this bipod is also fully adjustable, and it adapts to fit shooters demanding stable platforms that range between 6 and 9 inches. What isn’t expected is that when this bipod is removed from your rifle, the legs fold neatly and the entire mount fits snugly inside of a carrying case. It may not seem like much, but this compact design makes a huge difference when ounces count and miles hiked start adding up.

8. CVLIFE 9-13 Inches Rifle Bipod with Solid Sling Adapter Base

The CVLIFE 9-13 Inch Bipod with Solid Sling Adapter Base is a 100% aircraft aluminum and hardened steel bipod option. Weighing in at about 12.5 ounces, this bipod is as lightweight as you could ever want it to be without sacrificing stability or resiliency. What earned the CVLIFE 9-13 Inch Bipod a spot amongst the best AR-15 bipods on the market? This bipod is finished with a proprietary black coating that sluffs off rust and wear while keeping it looking brand new.

A return spring is featured near the release button and the bipod’s height is fully adjustable between 9 and 13 inches. For competitive shooters, this kind of adaptability makes challenging shooting possible and the three included adaptors make these challenging feats comfortable. Adjustments are made with one of five preset height tabs. Because this bipod mounts to the swivel stud, it is considered a universal AR-15 bipod. If you don’t like the swivel stud adapter, it can also be mounted to a Picatinny rail with an included adapter.

9. Harris Engineering 1A2-BRM Solid Base Bipod

If you’re looking for a sturdy bipod that brings industry leading technology to the field and range, the Harris Engineering 1A2-BRM is an ultra-lightweight option that stands up to punishment and keeps you on target through any weather conditions. At just 10 ounces, the 1A2-BRM sports an aluminum alloy and steel construction that makes it resistant to impact damages or scratches. Because it can be mounted to your favorite AR platform rifle with a sling swivel, it can be attached and detached quickly and without any special tools.

One of the strongest features of this bipod comes in the shooting system’s adjustable legs. With telescoping legs that range from 6″ to 9″, the 1A2-BRM can adjust to meet your shooting needs at 1″ intervals. The only downside to this highly versatile bipod is that the accessory’s adapters are sold separately, and it isn’t guaranteed to fit all AR platforms.

So What Makes a Great Bipod for Your AR-15?

Well, it all starts with the construction. The less plastic, the better.

Most good bipods will have very few, if any, plastic parts. Look for solid metal and aluminum construction for both weight reduction and strength.

You also want to make sure that the “feet” on the legs of the bipod are made of durable rubber. Some cheap bipods have absolute junk for pads at the bottom of the bipod legs. They wear out quickly, rendering your bipod nearly useless after a few hundred rounds of .223 ammo.

If you want top of the line, look for spring loaded legs as well as the ability to pan from side to side. I can see this feature in particular as being great for hunters.

Closing Thoughts About Bipods

Finding a good bipod for your AR isn’t too easy. There’s lots of bad, low-quality bipods out there that are just plain junk. Our advice is to spend a little bit of money and get one that is going to last and look great for a long time. After all, most of the bipods on this list come in at under $100 and many well below that.