The Best AR-15 Foregrip – Reviews and Top Picks

If you’re like me (and I bet you are) you LOVE the idea of a foregrip on your AR. Some people don’t like them, but to me, a good foregrip is so much better for my accuracy – plus it looks badass on my rifle.

Next to the laser sight on my AR, I seriously think a good AR-15 foregrip is one of the best accessories for any AR rifle.

best ar15 foregrip

Here’s the deal:

We’ve decided to put together a list of the absolute best AR-15 forgrips on the market today for people like you that are searching for information on which one to get. For the most part, all of the AR foregrip options that we’re going to mention are affordable and high quality.

Let’s get into it already!

1. Ade Advanced Foregrip with Light and Laser

Does this thing look cool? Check. Does it work great? Check. Did that light in my face just burn out my retina? Check.

The Ade Advanced AR-15 foregrip with flashlight and laser combo is a great idea if you’re looking for the total package for your rifle.

You get a super-bright 300 lumen flashlight along with two green lasers and a comfortable foregrip. This is a high-quality piece of equipment from a great company. We’ve talked about Ade Advanced before, especially for laser sights┬ábut they make lots of really good, inexpensive tactical gear as well.

This is the most expensive foregrip on our list at around $100 but it’s also the best.

Make sure to read some customer reviews as well, they’re pretty darn good.

2. OurTact Bipod/Vertical Foregrip for AR

We recently wrote about the best bipods for AR-15 and this one wasn’t on the list because it’s essentially a foregrip with extendable legs to make it a bipod.

So we’re calling it a foregrip – and it’s a pretty good one. For less than $15, you get a durable foregrip that’s comfortable in the hand AND it’s got a switch that you can press to make the bipod part come out of the bottom.

A pretty good deal if you ask me for a great foregrip and a reliable bipod.

3. GVN Slanted Foregrip

This is a great option for those of you that don’t want a vertical foregrip on your AR. GVN makes some pretty good tactical products and this slanted foregrip is no exception.

It’s made of heavy-duty polymer so you know this thing can take a beating. It is also available in either black or tan.

For this price, it beats the hell out of most other slanted foregrips for AR-15 out there.

4. AB Arms Vertical Foregrip for AR

You know, I didn’t really know what to think of this stubby little foregrip for AR-15 but I’ve gotten accustomed to the feel of it now. It’s angled slightly forward so it won’t snag on your sleeves and it keeps a low profile on my rifle, which I like a lot.

It’s made of polymer composite with two steel bolts for extra durability. As with all the rest of the foregrips on this list, it mounts easily to a standard picatinny rail.

If you want a nice compact foregrip for AR, give the AB Arms “T-grip” a try. For under $40, you get a lot of quality for your money.

Which Foregrip to Buy for Your AR?

All of the AR-15 foregrips on this list are of good quality and at great prices, but which one should you choose for your rifle?

There’s a lot to choose from out there in the world of foregrips and we suspect that it’s an individual decision. Do you want a foregrip with function like one with a laser or a high-lumen flashlight? Maybe you’d like to get those separately and just have a dedicated foregrip.

Here’s another fact when making your decision:

Don’t just go for the expensive stuff like Magpul. Now don’t get me wrong, they make great products but at the end of the day, all of this stuff is just glorified plastic that is re-branded over and over again. There are lots of really good AR-15 foregrip options that don’t cost a minimum of 50 bucks to get.

Check out some of these foregrips in our list above and also don’t forget to check out our guides to the best flashlights for AR-15 and laser sights for AR-15.