The Top Belly Band Holsters for Concealed Carry

One of the best concepts in concealed carry holsters in recent years has been the belly band holster, especially for women (not to exclude guys). They’re comfortable, easy to work into your daily clothing and give you the ability to draw your gun quickly if you need to.

the best belly band holsters

We asked our holster experts to find the best belly band holsters on the market today and here’s what they came up with below:

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Looking for an unobtrusive belly band holster that fits most concealed carry pistols? Not willing to rely on only one magazine in what could be a life or death situation for you or your family? The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster is unique amongst belly band straps in that it is purpose built and is custom made to fit left or right handed shooters without modification. The one strap fits waist sizes of up to 44 inches when measured from hip-to-hip.

What keeps this holster standing out from the competition? It was designed with comfort and retention of a massive range of pistols in mind. The holster sports a surgical grade elastic retention strap and is designed to accommodate pistols ranging from the Walther PPK all the way up to your beefiest .357 magnum or 10mm. It is guaranteed from the factory to fit almost the entire Glock, Smith and Wesson, M&P Shield, Bodyguard, Kahr, Sig Sauer, Springfield, Kimber, and Taurus product lines. Have a different pistol? It probably accommodates that too! Added retention straps make fitting up to full sized revolvers an easy accomplishment, although larger pistols will increase the risk of printing while wearing lighter clothing.

Another feature that sets this holster apart is that it is not tied to a single carry style. This belly band holster accommodates appendix, back, OWB, cross draw, and other popular carrying style. It’s a do-all holster that is designed to fit your shooting style, body size, and wardrobe.  The entire sling is made of soft neoprene, which won’t pull or pinch your hair and it wicks away moisture and sweat in a way that competing models just won’t do.  Check out this one if you need a do-it-all belly holster.

Magstar Black Neoprene Concealed Carry

Magstar’s outstanding belly band offers real competition for ComfortTac in many respects.  It is also made of a highly breathable and adjustable neoprene material, features a positive retention strap, and fits people with waists up to 44 inches in diameter. It’s designed to be worn in several different configurations and does not need you to wear a t-shirt to protect your skin. It’s also designed to carry most pistols and sports a 30-day money back guarantee from the manufacturer.

What sets it apart? First, the holster is only designed for right handed shooters, but many frequent south-paw carriers report that left handed use isn’t a problem. The holster doesn’t tend to accommodate wheel guns as well as the ComfortTac, so unless you’re using a magazine fed CCW pistol, this may not be the best option on the market. What else is noticeable? This is an exceptional holster offered at a ridiculously attractive price. Competitively designed and featured holsters would easily command $70+, far above the asking price of the Magstar. That’s doubly true when considering that the Magstar can support multiple methods of carry. Users also love the Magstar because it supports active lifestyles. Whether you’re biking or hiking, this holster stays in place and keeps your CCW readily accessible for when you absolutely need it.

Fullmosa Mi Belly Band

Work in a job where carrying just a pistol isn’t an option but open carry is out of the question? The Fullmosa Mi belly band is the Bat-Belt of belly bands. With space for several handguns, 4 magazines, a flashlight, and other utility devices, this is truly a go-to-war belly band. Let’s not kid ourselves; that space is purchased at the expense of size, weight, and more printing. It’s certainly bigger than a standard neoprene strap but that size means that even big men with waists up to 58 inches can strap this belt on and go out confidently.

A nice feature here is that these aren’t one-size-fits-all belly bands. They’re made in several sizes to ensure that the elasticity of the material is not worn out from excessive stretching or slack. Buying the right size means a snug fit, positive retention, and a high level of confidence when it comes to weapon placement. Because the manufacturer appreciates that you may want a full size pistol or revolver, this one features significant retention options that will keep even the heaviest of pistols in place.