Best Concealed Carry Handbags

No, you don’t have to sacrifice style when concealed carrying. For women especially, concealed carrying can prove to be challenging when wearing an outfit that doesn’t prove to have any space for a holster. That’s why we’ve included the best concealed carry handbags that score high on the style scale while providing a unique way of concealing a firearm.

best concealed carry handbags

Roma Leather Black Leather Pistol Concealment Shoulder Bag

For gunowners who are searching for a little discretion in their life comes the Roma Leathers Black Leather Pistol Concealment Shoulder Bag. Its trademark black leather style is incredibly easy on the eyes, with an easily adjustable strap making it easily portable and highly compatible with a wide range of outfits. Available for a shockingly affordable $48.29, this handbag allows lawful gunowners to responsibly access their firearm on either the right or left side of the bag, making it excellent for anyone regardless of which hand of theirs is dominant.

A dedicated locking compartment guarantees that your firearm isn’t going anywhere without your permission, but that doesn’t mean this handbag isn’t easily accessible in times of crisis. Equipped with four keys, it can conceal virtually all 9mm weapons and even most full-sized autos. With a smooth zipper pull, an incredibly sexy style, and an alluring color scheme that surprisingly doesn’t hint at the secrets within, this concealed carry handbag is one of the best options for gunowners who want to discretely carry a weapon without lugging around a camouflage rucksack.

Genuine Leather Pistol Concealment Purse with Buckle

Genuine leather can be hard to find these days at an affordable price, but don’t think that this impressive concealed carry handbag will force you to break the bank if you’re interested. This concealment purse is fashionable, rugged, and features a right or left-hand draw. An adjustable, wire-reinforced strap that can be quickly slung around either your shoulder or across your body also guarantees that this handbag won’t be snatched from your hands without a fight. The buckle is fully functional, but predominately exist to make this handbag look even better than it did in its original leather finish, and is optimized so that it won’t get in the way if you need quick access to your firearm.

Available for $59.99, this option comes equipped with a large color scheme, permitting gunowners to conceal their lawful firearms in style regardless of their preferences. Traditional brown leather is easy on the eyes, but the light blue and grey options remain popular thanks to the premium cowhide leather that goes into each product. Jam-packed with compartments and pockets on the inside, this handbag and its included Velcro positioning holster won’t let you down.

Vivoi Genuine Leather YKK Locking Conceal CCW Handbag

Vivoi seldom disappoints its customers, and its Genuine Leather YKK Locking Conceal CCW Handbag option is likely to woo just about anyone over thanks to its fair price and soft yet durable leather fashioning. With a classic black style, this handbag is one of the chicest on the market but doesn’t carry an absurd price tag that would send rational shoppers running. The straps for this handbag aren’t adjustable, though it can be used for both right and left-hand draws and features a lock key to ensure no accidental unzipping occurs. With a zipper opening of 7.5’ inches, this can safely and securely conceal most full-sized autos and most 9mms without burgeoning, and with tight seems it’s unlikely to burst anytime soon.

Available for $58.39, this option is perhaps the most secure of them all thanks to its YKK lock key which guarantees that its zipper is one of the most secure on the marketplace. This handbag is specifically designed with CCW holders in mind, but it can also double as an everyday bag and doesn’t draw an undue amount of attention to itself despite its sexy aura. The perfect cross-breed between a stylish handbag and a solid gun safe, this handbag wouldn’t look out of place visiting the Springfield Arsenal and the streets of Paris in the same week.

Safety & Style

When deciding to use a conceal-carry handbag, one critical aspect to be aware of is the fact that your firearm isn’t linked to your body. This can prove to be a challenge due to the possibility of there being a disconnect between you and your handbag. Always perform safety measures to ensure the highest level of safety when concealed carrying.