Best Concealed Carry Purse

Concealed carry purses are usually not as stylish as regular purses, because the whole point is to have a purse you’re interested in carrying that has everything you need, including your firearm. But today, companies are creating concealed carry handbags that are stylish and comparable to others on the market.

Below are the five best concealed carry handbags and purses on the market in 2019 at a variety of prices:

Emperia Concealed Carry Crossbody Holster

The Emperia Concealed-Carry Crossbody Holster allows for ample storage space of fir all your personal belongings, including a zippered compartment for a firearm. The padded interior of this handbag allows for the protection of your firearm and the holster is also removable Two straps are attached to the top of the bag on either side of the main compartment’s zipper. The overall bag height is 13 inches.

best concealed carry purse

The stylish color and choice of other colors is one of the things to like about this bag. The idea that you can conceal a normal handbag in this bag is quite impressive. On the other hand, this bag does seem to be a little bulky. Some people prefer to have something bigger, but with the extra room, padding and other compartments in the bag, it couldn’t be very light.

GTM Concealed Carry Raven Shoulder Pouch

This is the type of crossbody purse for those who don’t look to carry much else beside a few important items and your firearm. Designed to be kept close to the body, the Gun Tote’n Mamas Concealed Carry Raven Shoulder Pouch is definitely one of the smaller bags but it can pack a punch, if necessary. The first department zippers down for a small storage space. The second has a removable holster for your choice of firearm. The strap is adjustable for length preference.

The GTM seems to be for those who think less is more. Other concealed carry purses are sized to look like they carry what a normal purse would with the addition of the holster for the firearm. In the case of this shoulder bag, the firearm’s compartment comes first and the storage for anything else came second. As a result, there will be less room for you to carry other items besides your handgun.

Emperia Concealed Carry Shoulder Pistol

With premium faux leather design and durable, adjustable straps, the Jessie & James Toned Belt Concealed Carry Crossbody Bag with Lock and Key is one of the best concealed carry purses on the market. Coming in a variety of colors, this bag has all the safety features and regular features someone looks for in this type of accessory. This bag is perfect for someone who wants to hold a small amount of personal items and a firearm at the same time. The lock comes with a set of two keys and the pistol compartment comes with a removable holster as well.

This is, by far, the most versatile piurese out of the five in this list. It allows the buyer to pick the color they desire, has a stylish interior fabric that catches the eye and is inviting to look at, and is the only one of the most popular that included a lock and key for the concealment compartment. Looking good is definitely a good thing but having that extra safety on top is extremely important for those consumers who choose to carry firearms throughout their daily life.

The Purse King Magnum Concealed Carry Handbag

The Purse King Magnum Concealed Carry Handbag comes in multiple colors and has zippered compartments that separate from one another, one for the personal items and the other for the firearm itself. It is in the middle when it comes to size but it provides ample space for your firearm. With a wide, adjustable strap, this bag is just about the best for what it offers and it’s price, and it is capable of holding full size pistols such as the Glock 17 or Beretta 92FS.

best concealed carrying purses

This is probably the more functional than some that are listed and it’s better for the amount you’re spending. It doesn’t seem like it has enough safety features for the firearm’s compartment but it definitely gives you the style you’re looking for, the features you want, and at a price that is affordable but also reasonable.

Browning Women’s Alexandria Concealed Carry Purse

The company alone should tell you who this is one of the top rated concealed-carry purses on the market. Browning has been providing top notch outdoor products to its customers since 1878. The Browning Women’s Alexandria Concealed Carry Purse Holstered Handbag features polyester lining on the interior, while the outside is covered in premium leather that makes for a sleek looking handbag.

This bag also has a deep compartment for personal belongings and another spacious section for the firearm. A holster is included along with a lock and two keys. All in all, this is the top-of-the-line handbag for concealed carry. Not only does it come from a dependable company, but it provides style, space and extra safety features. How could you ask for more?

Why Get A Concealed Carry Purse?

There are many reasons why women who choose to carry a firearm with them for their safety and the safety of their family. In the world we live in today, having ‘the right to bear arms’ means something more than it has in the past. We never know when we are going to have to take action and having a concealed-carry purse with your firearm give the wearer the peace of mind that they are able to protect themselves and their loved ones in the midst of potential danger.

The handbags and the other purses listed above have all of the qualities of a good concealed carry bag. Sure, there are more tactical choices someone could make but we are being considerate of the women who want to still be able to choose the brand, style and color of the handbag they choose to carry.


Overall, the bags on the lists that were reviewed are great for their price, the style and the accessories they have for the buyer. There are others out on the market but these are some of the top rated for their price and quality.