The Best CQB Scopes and Optics

Scopes and optics designed for CQB (close quarters battle) demand accuracy, toughness and longevity. They’re probably the “coolest” tactical scopes that you can put on your AR or other tactical rifle.

best cqb scope

In this post, we set out to find and review the best CQB scopes and optics to determine a list of quality CQB scopes that you can be proud to own.

Let’s get right into it below:

Beileshi Optics 4×32 Red/Green/Blue Triple Illuminated Rapid Range Reticle Rifle Scope

When it comes to fast optics, few sighting systems are faster than a post and a notch, and this little scope comes with one built right on top. The fiber-optic front post provides quick and easy target acquisition at point blank range, while the 4x magnifier and reticle below it functions as a mini scope that will have you punching man-sized targets out to 500 meters.

The magnification profile provides a bright picture, even without multi-coatings. The lenses have a somewhat cheaper coating on them, but with an 8mm exit pupil, brightness is hardly going to be a problem. The battery powered reticle shows up when you need it, and the etched glass sighting system provides a back-up or day-time solution.

The scope is shock and recoil proof, and nitrogen filled to keep it from fogging up. Six inches long with a 30mm tube, the system will give you a generous 2.5 inches of eye relief. You’ll also still have 36 feet of FOV, even at 100 yards. Great scope for the price.

UTG 3.8″ ITA Red/Green CQB Dot Sight with Integral Mount

If you are looking for a low profile dot sight to top your battle rifle with, but still want to do it on a budget, then this little battery powered sight from UTG might be just what you are looking for. The dot is big and bright, at four minutes of angle. Fully adjustable windage and elevation screws allow for ½ MOA click adjustments, plenty for a zero-zoom sighting system.

The scope comes with a 2 year warranty and integrated rail mounting. It couldn’t be easier. The tiny profile won’t interfere with other sighting systems, and can be used in-line with the A1 sights on your AR. It also comes with 2 batteries and a cleaning cloth, as well as lens covers which are pre-attached, but removable if you don’t like them. This is probably one of the best little budget dot sights on the market.

Monstrum Tactical S330P Ultra-Compact 3x Prism Scope

A wonderful compliment to any short-range rifle, this is a fixed magnification prism of high quality from Monstrum Tactical. While some prefer a point blank sighting system, others find it unhelpful.

This provides you with a consistent sight picture for short or long range engagements. 3X is a solid all-around magnification choice that will work well for a number of applications. The reticle comes with green or red lighting, powered by battery, but can be used without.

This is, quite simply, a no-frills, no-worry setup on a battle rifle, and while it won’t do everything, what it does, it does well. With Monstrum, your money is going into crystal clear optics and a clean sight picture. Long eye relief comes standard, out past three inches. Right now, it’s an absolute steal on Amazon with free shipping.

Vortex Optics StrikeFire 2 Red/Green Dot Sight with Cantilever Mount

Get unlimited eye relief from a top quality sight that runs off a powerful CR2 battery. The 4MOA dot is simple, fast, and effective, and without the price of an Aimpoint, or another expensive dot sight. Comes with flip caps standard, and an external battery compartment for easier changes. Everything is O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged. No fogging here.

This is an awesome battle sight. While it wouldn’t be considered a budget sight by any stretch of the imagination, you are getting a lot of quality for your money. The one-piece 30mm tube is lightweight, and houses fully multi-coated optics, for maximum brightness in your site picture, even at night. The adjustable lit reticle will also turn on dim enough to preserve your night vision. Terrific sight for the money.

Wanna know more about the Strikefire 2? Check out our detailed review here.