The Best Drag Bag Shooting Mats

What makes the best drag bag shooting mat? Is it quality? Ease of use? All in all, you’d want to see a drag bag that has all the bells and whistles. After all, it’s critical to make sure your setup is comfortable enough for you to take dead aim.

best drag bag shooting mat

MidwayUSA Heavy Duty Shooting Mat Rifle Case

Popular among gun owners who favor a classic and simple style that harkens back to the days of the Old West, the MidwayUSA Heavy Duty Shooting Mat Rifle Case comes in a khaki color that recalls the military uniforms of the British Army during the first world war. This draggable rifle mat is available for a reasonable price nd comes equipped with heavy-duty stitching that guarantees you’re getting your money’s worth when you invest in one. A drag loop on the exterior of the case and the easily navigable interior of this shooting mat makes it a favorite amongst beginners and veterans alike because simplicity and efficiency can be admired by just about anyone.

With plenty of padding included to make sure that your precious rifle isn’t getting too knocked up while you’re busy and on the move, the MidwayUSA Heavy Duty Shooting Mat Rifle Case also has plenty of MOLLE webbing inside to help you keep track of your ammunition, tools, or anything else you need to bring with you as you go. With a shipping weight of 13 pounds, this option has four simple metal stakes that prevent any lift while you’re trying to concentrate. For gun owners interested in a utilitarian option that still has some old-school style, this shooting mat is hard to beat.

The Bob Allen Tactical Profile Rifle Case

For gun owners looking to a reliable shooting mat that won’t break the bank or call too much attention to themselves, the Bob Allen Tactical Profile Rifle Case is an ideal option at a competitive $56.69. Rocking a similar color of the MidwayUSA Heavy Duty Shooting Mat, this option has a much sleeker shape that rolls up easier than many leading alternatives, making it one of the simplest mats available on the market. With a handy shoulder strap accompanying it, the rolled up mat is incredibly easy to carry and store, and is staggeringly lighter than many other options. The Bob Allen Tactical Profile Rifle Case ultimately weighs in at a petty 3.9 pounds, meaning you can lug it around with you all day without feeling tired.

The external storage pockets that the Bob Allen Tactical Profile Rife Case come with aren’t particularly unique, but the product’s self-healing nylon zippers make it the beloved child of any gun owner looking for reliable equipment that won’t give up on them when the going gets tough. The water-resistant nature of this product is made all the better by its closed cell foam, which makes it comfortable despite the rough surfaces it has to grapple with.

The non-slip rubberized surface of this product and its competitive price make it immensely popular with gun owners who frequent the great outdoors but aren’t looking to bankrupt themselves with a pricey purchase.

VooDoo Tactical 15-9334 Shooting Mat and Rifle Drag Bag

An expensive but monstrously tough option for gun owners who are really looking to make a statement with their purchase, the VooDoo Tactical 15-9334 Shooting Mat and Rifle Drag Bag is one of the most modern and durable options available on the market today. Say goodbye to any allusions to the past with this product, which boldly declares its modernity and sleek style without apology. Equipped with a full, backpack-like shoulder harness, this option is perhaps the most mobile of them all, enabling gun owners to haul their rifles over the top of nearly any obstacle that would get in their way.

With a padded pouch ready to hold your valuable equipment (like a sensitive spotting scope) this shooting mat and rifle drag bag comes home with an adequate price tag. It’s many convenient carrying handles are supplemented by its snug interior that nonetheless maintains ample room for your weapon of choice. Unfolding out into three different sections, including a fold-out leg panel and front extension that will keep dust on the ground where it belongs, the VooDoo Tactical 15-9334 Shooting Mat and Rifle Draft Bag is the go-to choice for stealthy gun owners looking to mitigate their muzzle blasts.

Get Low With These Drag Bag Shooting Mats

Shooting on the ground offers more stability, less sway, and ultimately more accuracy. However rarely do we take into account our immediate surroundings and physical state when shooting. Investing in a drag bag shooting mat allows you to get to your set-up spot comfortably, resulting in better accuracy.