Best Ear Protection for Shooting

Looking for a new pair of ears for going out to the range with? Maybe you had a close call with an earbud slipping out while shooting (like I have) or your electronic hearing protection stopped working. Either way, ear protection while shooting should be your first priority next to safety when it comes to shooting your firearms at the range.

best ear protection for shooting reviews

We took a look at some of the best ear protection for shooting on the market today and came up with the list below.

Howard Leight R-01902 Impact Pro by Honeywell

There is a brand that comes to mind when you are looking for affordability and great quality all in one package… that is Howard Leight. These electronic shooting muffs will effectively drown out the loud noise from rifles and handguns at the range (Up to 82 dB). They have a noise reduction rating of 30. Don’t worry though… you will be able to hear range commands and any other ambient noise in order to effectively communicate with people around you. You’ll get a cord for MP3 and scanner connection with these muffs and they just require 2 AAA batteries. You won’t need another pair of electronic range muffs after checking these out. One of the best muffs money can buy.

Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport by Honeywell

No list of great shooting earmuffs would be complete without Howard Leight taking more than one spot as having some of the best ear protection available. From camouflage to pink (For the ladies) these earmuffs come in several different colors/designs so that you can look ultra-cool while also protecting your ear drums. A true crowd favorite, they are purchased frequently for their great all around performance. Most features on these muffs are similar to the “Pro” model but with a noise reduction rating of 22. These muffs also come with a cord for MP3 and require 2AAA batteries. There is an automatic shut off feature with these too, so you can spare your battery life. If you are looking for amazing hearing protection, you may not find any better for what you’d be paying for these bad boys!

ClearArmor 141001 Ear Muffs for Shooting

These aren’t the prettiest or most sleek pair of earmuffs you will find but if you are in need a no frills pair of ear protection, these muffs will most certainly be more than adequate. Lightweight and comfortable (When adjusted properly) these are one of the most noise canceling ear muffs off all shooting muffs (34 NRR). Simple but rugged in design, these are an excellent and very popular set of earmuffs. Yes, electronic ear muffs are definitely better for the range but these will do just fine for a fraction of the price (Cheap can be a good thing) especially if you don’t visit the gun range as often.

These industrial grade earmuffs will serve you well for many years of soundproof shooting (Ok not quite but close) and durability. In a pinch, you cannot go wrong with these quality muffs. You can also afford to get all of your family members a pair too!

Peltor TAC100 Electronic Ear Protection

Peltor has designed some pretty nice ear protection and the (TAC100) is no exception. These earmuffs are incredibly comfortable and were designed with 3M technology integration, allowing for the ultimate shooting experience. Some cool features these earmuffs offer are: A tethered battery door with a low battery indicator (Very helpful) and an automatic shutoff feature after 2 hours (Less battery wasting)! When it comes to innovation, comfort, reliability and value, Peltor has got it right with their advanced ear protection. These can be had for somewhere around the 50 dollar range, so not the cheapest pair but you’ll be happy with your purchase come range time. Let’s get to shooting!