The 4 Best Eotech Clones

There’s no doubt about it, Eotech makes some great sights. What they’re not good at is making sights that are affordable for the everyday gun enthusiast like yourself.

That’s OK though, we found 4 Eotech clones that are sure to please. Not only are these sights easy on your wallet, but they’re also very well made and the performance is close to the real deal.

the best eotech clone sights

Still, if you have $400+ to spend on a scope, the real Eotechs are hard to beat. For the rest of us, make sure you check out our experts’ top picks for the best Eotech clone below.

1. Ade Advanced Optics Crusader 8 Reticle Green and Red Dot Reflex Sight with QD Mount

A rechargeable battery is always a plus, and this sight comes with the charger built in. The light goes off when the battery is fully charged. If you want EOTech quality without the EOTech price tag, this is a very solid sighting system, compatible with magnifiers and other accessories.

The reticle has eight brightness settings, and the quick detach system comes with a tension setting, ensuring that it will fight perfectly on your rail. Windage and elevation are adjustable in 1 MOA clicks, and the reticle color can be modified, either red, green, or both. The window is 39x27mm, giving a really wide field of view. The sighting system also works with your iron sights to give you a more precise sight picture when needed.

The housing is a strong aluminum shell to keep the glass safe from whatever might happen in the field. This is a great scope at a terrific price.

2. Vector Optics Ratchet Multi Reticle Green and Red Dot Sight with QD Mount

The sight window on this one is a bit smaller, 23x24mm. It has a quick detach system on the built-in mount. The dot is adjustable, either red or green, with five brightness levels. Due to the ruggedness of the design and the amount of material, this sight is heavier than some, but more resistant to little bumps.

This sight features the selection of four different reticles, which change with an audible click, from an EOTech style to a single dot, crosshair, or dot-and-circle. Target adjustment comes in 1 MOA clicks, and is lockable. The glass is fog proof, and the sight takes LR754 button batteries.

The best price on this Eotech clone is on Amazon right now.

3. Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight

Another adjustable sighting system, red or green, four different sight pictures. The 33mm wide glass gives a decent field of view, almost 16m at 100 distance. It’s made of aircraft aluminum, and has a very sturdy look and feel to it. It lines up nicely with an AR iron sighting system, so you can align the dot with your irons.

There are very few moving parts, making the sight robust, it won’t lose zero and will function well on almost any conventional firearm or bow. Parallax isn’t a problem. It isn’t waterproof, per se, but can be used in the rain without worry of a short. It runs on a CR2032 lithium battery.

As for looks, the long tube doesn’t only look slick and keep it from snagging on everything it touches, but it also cleans up the picture. By acting as a hood, it reduces reflections from above and behind you, so all you see is a slightly tinted sight picture with a glowing dot in the middle.

For under $50, this Eotech clone is worth a look.

4. Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch

This one is truly a gem. It’s very similar to the EOTech EXPS in many ways, mostly in the wide field-of-view, 105 feet at 100 yards. It comes with a quick detach system, and a switch button for adjusting the brightness. It comes with a rubber lens cap, adjustment tools, and three batteries.

Just like EOTech, Sightmark has their own 3x magnifier, and it’s compatible with this sight, so if you need to extend your range, or start punching long-range targets, you can get matching glass. On an AR platform, it works well with with the factory iron sights, as well as add-on rail mounted sights.

It comes with four different patterns for the target, just like some of the other sights listed, a 5 MOA dot or a 3 MOA dot inside of a 50 MOA circle, crosshair, or combination. The color is red only, so if you are dead set on a green target, this isn’t the one. The aperture is 33×24.

Sightmark is a great company that makes some really high quality stuff (like their laser boresighters for example). For this insanely-low price, it’s worth your consideration for sure.