Best Fingerprint Gun Safes

When it comes to storing and protecting your firearms, you want to make sure the gun safe you select will not only keep them safely tucked away from a child’s grasp but will also keep them well protected from thieves as well.

best fingerprint gun safes

For individuals who want their guns to have some of the best protection available, biometric safes are a perfect option.

Since biometric safes rely on fingerprint reading technology to open, they are known as one of the most secure styles of safe currently available.

They are also a convenient option for those who share the use of the safe with other people, allowing unlimited access without needing to worry about having or losing a key.

When looking into a biometric safe, you want to make sure it has an excellent scanner for your fingerprint since that will be the primary source of entry, solid construction, a good amount of storage, and strong internal hinges for maximum security.

Wading through all the biometric safes on the market to find these gems can be a daunting task, but luckily, we did that for you and found the best of the best.

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

The SentrySafe QAP1BE is one of the best mid-range biometric safes on the market, maintaining a solid 4-star rating with over 1500 reviews.

best fingerprint gun safe

The SentrySafe may be on the small side, but it is definitely mighty. The SentrySafe is perfect for storing either a compact or full-sized semi-automatic handgun.

The solid steel construction and well-anchored internal hinges make this little safe pry-resistant, providing maximum protection for your firearms.

Understanding that there may be, in instances where stealth is necessary, they included a gas strut and whisper-quiet hardware so that you can not only open the safe with one hand but that it will be silent while doing so.

Memory storage for fingerprints is less than some of its counterparts, only providing room for up to 4 prints, but should still be adequate for most households. The reset button is cleverly set behind the batteries, so it’s not easily spotted or recognized.

The biometric scanner is battery powered, and generally has fast fingerprint recognition that only takes a few seconds.

SentrySafe also includes backup keys to make sure the safe is always accessible, even if the batteries run out.

The only con is that since this is a smaller safe, it is not difficult for a thief to pick it up and walk away, so we recommend that if you do not need it to be transportable, that you bolt it down.

Billconch Biometric Gun Safe

The Billconch is one of the most affordable biometric safes out there, but they did an excellent job of maintaining quality even at the lower price point.

The safe itself is made of 16 gauge steel, making it durable and resilient and has also taken their technology up a notch by offering an app that can open and program the safe via a Bluetooth connection.

Focusing on ease of entry, there are also multiple opening options; you can use the backlit keypad, set of backup keys, or the biometric scanner based on your preference.

Once opened, the interior has LED lighting and a soft interior padding. Like the SentrySafe, the Billconch is better suited to handguns or personal protection firearms and is too small for larger tactical or hunting rifles.

During regular use, the Billconch does beep, but can also be programmed to function in silent mode. The biometrics are run by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is charged with a micro USB cord, so you won’t need to worry about having spare batteries on hand.

The only thing to note is that if the Billconch is closed in a hurry, sometimes the lid may shift causing it to take a bit longer to open the next time around; so just remember when packing your pistols away after use to take an extra second and you should be good to go.

Barska AX11556 Biometric Fingerprint Top Opening Drawer Safe

The Barska AX11556 gives fantastic performance at a mid-range price point. As the only biometric safe on our list to come with the Department of Justice’s seal of approval, it is no surprise that it focuses on safety and security in its construction.

best fingerprint gun safes for the money

It is built with solid steel, including tamper-resistant edges and motorized solid steel locking bolts.

The AX1156 offers both an audible and silent mode, and activating the silent mode is a breeze; you hold your fingerprint on the sensor for 10 seconds, and it will automatically swap over.

The fingerprint reader itself is relatively quick and can store and recognize up to 30 fingerprints.

This is especially helpful because it allows you to store your fingerprint at a variety of angles so that you can have faster recognition, this will also help bypass any issues with the AX1156’s sensitive fingerprint scanner.

Battery life for the reader is excellent since the battery is only used when the biometrics are actively scanning your print.

If needed, there are two backup keys included, but you do need to remove the nameplate to access the locks, so we recommend making sure to always change the batteries when you hear the low-level indicator.

Since this safe is meant to be kept in a drawer, it is not ideal for rifles or tactical firearms; for those, you would be better suited to select their AX1162 model, which is built specifically for rifles and tactical weapons.

One thing to note, and this could be considered a pro or a con depending on your preference, is the AX11556 does have an alarm that sounds if the safe is opened for more than 30 seconds.

This is an ideal feature if you like to keep track of how long other individuals who have access are in the safe but could also be detrimental if you are aiming for stealth during a break-in and forget to close the lid.