The Best Glock 43 Holsters

What makes a good Glock 43 holster? Is it comfort, easy draw? trigger security? In this article, you’ll find all there is to love about these best Glock 43 holsters.

The Glock 43 and variations (like the Glock 43x) are some of the most popular Glock handguns for a reason. It’s slim, easily concealable and it’s a great shooter as well. There are plenty of holsters out there right now for Glock 43 but not all of them take advantage of the slim Glock 43 frame. We’ve found the best Glock 43 holsters that will save space and reduce printing for your concealed carry pistol.

Below you’ll find the best Glock 43 holsters on the market today:

best glock 43 holster

Raven VG2

The Raven VG 2 I a minimalist holster, meaning it only encompasses the trigger guard to protect the trigger from inadvertently being pulled or engaged by other items.  This means the pistol can simply be put into a cargo pocket, safely.  The molded front hook can be caught on the pocket lip to disengage or it can be used with the lanyard tied to a belt loop: drawing the pistol draws the lanyard taut and pulls it free from the pistol.  This is sometimes called a static line carry and can be used for pockets, bags (purses), glove boxes, or tool boxes. No worries about belt size or right and left hand side: just stow and go.  It also comes with a soft loop and strut for inside belt loop.

Outbags IWB Leather

For those looking for leather without breaking the bank for close to a hundred dollars or more, Outbags offers this inside waist band holster.  Carry options are limited to being right or left side carry, however.  It is not suitable for small of the back or outside carry.  Yet the quality leather and double stitching offers additional comfort for close contact carry to the body without uncomfortable temperature changes.  Available at a price that is common for Kydex yet with the improved feel and ease of steer hide, this provides a nice leather option holster to those that can be intimidated by other brand name prices.

1791 Gunleather OWB Leather

If outside the waistband is desired or required, 1791 offers various finishes of their belt holster.  Employed law enforcement and carry concealed holders around the world, the hand molded exterior is designed for superior protection and retention of your Glock 42 or 43.  Nothing new or gimmicky, simply a fine holster for daily use.  Reinforced with double stitching the OWB holster ensures a comfortable, durable, lightweight and secure fit designed to last year in year out.  1791 offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products providing peace of mind on a purchase the same way carrying a firearm provides peace of mind outside the home.

Desantis Thumb Break

Desantis Gunleather began as a kitchen table enterprise over four decades ago.  It has since grown into an international enterprise that is still run by the family and employs skilled craftsmen.  The company continues to pursue earning the faith of soldiers and law enforcement who trust the weapons that their lives depend upon.  Such people want their firearm secure but readily accessible.  The Thumb Break holster offers additional security to the firearm no matter what contortions the wearer must endure in an active, daily lifestyle.  Premium saddle leather and double seams promise long years of service.  Adjustable tension device offers continued use, even after the break in period loosens the steer hide into a pliable, comfortable state.

Concealment Express IWB Kydex

Kydex material does not warp with regular wear.  It offers guaranteed safety with a lip that can never reshape and inadvertently slide inside the trigger guard while holstering your weapon (a more common cause for accidental discharges than anyone is comfortable discussing).  The “sweat shield” not only keeps the weapon dry but keeps the body from getting pinched as a result of active movement.  Concealment Express also has multiple mounting points for either hand and adjustable cant.  Virtually indestructible backed by a lifetime guarantee.  Check out different plastic patterns for additional aesthetics that offer alternatives.

Glock 43 Conceal and Carry Holsters

With proper safety measures and a comfortable holster, you can conceal and carry your Glock 43 with ease. No matter how active or sedentary your lifestyle is, these lightweight holsters are designed to be flexible and provide peace of mind.