The Best Laser Sight for Glock Pistols – Best Glock Lasers of 2021

Glocks are some of the most dependable and utilitarian firearms on the market today. That’s exactly why so many people, whether police, military, or civilian, choose to carry them on a daily basis to defend their lives.

A key component to carrying a firearm for self-defense is hitting what you intend to. Most of us, with a little practice, can shoot decent groups at the range under good conditions. The problem is that we might have to shoot in self-defense in much less good conditions. It’s pretty hard to take the moment to get a good sight picture if someone is rushing you in an alley.

glock laser sight

That’s why today we’re going to be covering ten laser sights that we think make a good addition to a Glock. In this list, you’ll see that there are several ways to go about attaching a laser to your handgun, and we hope that in reading this you will find one that works well for you.

For each laser, we will describe what it does, and give you a few benefits for that particular laser sight so you can make an informed sighting choice for your Glock.

The 10 Best Glock Lasers (Updated for 2021)

1. Lasermax Guide Rod Laser Sights

Starting things off, we have a seriously clever sight. As the name implies, this laser sight is inside of a replacement guide rod. That means that you will have a laser that comes out right below the barrel and adds no bulk to the weapon itself.

While installing it takes a little doing, getting the guide rod out of a Glock is not unusual for most firearm owners, and it’s a good opportunity to clean the gun anyway. Available for several models and generations of Glock, once installed this sight gives you a red dot that you can use to aim.

The main benefit of this is that it adds zero bulk to the outline of the gun. That will be a big benefit to people who like the holster that they already have and would rather not buy a new one to accommodate a laser sight. While it does sacrifice battery life, this sight is a slick option that some people will like.

2. Crimson Trace Defender Series

The Defender series by Crimson trace represents a growing trend in laser sights that we think makes a lot of sense. Taking advantage of the rail found on the receivers of many handguns today, this slides on and secures to the outside of the trigger guard.

The positioning as part of the trigger guard puts the controls of the laser right under your trigger finger when it’s at rest, making these sights a breeze to use under duress without looking. After all, if you have to stop and look for the controls on a laser, it’s probably not going to be effective if you have to use it in self-defense.

This laser is made for third-generation Glocks in particular, and always do make sure to double-check before buying that the sight you want fits the gun you have. Once secured to the rail, this sight gives you a rid laser that can be adjusted, and takes easy-to-find batteries.

The Crimson Trace Defender series is a great sight for those looking for a simple to use and reliable laser on their third generation Glock.

3. Lasermax CenterFire Gripsense Light and Laser

For a little more expanded feature set than the previous entry, the Lasermax Centerfire is an excellent option. This specific model comes with both a green laser and a light: this is a little bulkier than the Defender, but the white light is an option that a lot of people like in addition to a laser.

In any self-defense shooting, identifying the target is extremely important. You do not want to shoot someone who isn’t posing a threat to you, and being able to get a flashlight on the situation might give you better information you need in a split second.

Second, the fact that the laser is green is a major benefit to some people. Folks with astigmatism, for example, often see red dots as being more of a splotch than a defined dot. While this is not a massive deal in something like close-range shooting, it is annoying and can cut down on accuracy. The option to have a green laser, which plays nicer with astigmatic eyes is great.

Speaking of accessibility: the Centerfire Gripsense can be controlled with either hand, making it a good choice for left-handed shooters as well.

4. Beamshot Green Laser Sight

For those looking to get brighter light and laser on their Glock, the Beamshot Green Laser sight is a fantastic option. It is a little bulkier than the other options on the list so far, we think there is a place for a light like this one.

The feature that we like the best on this site is that it is not specific to Glocks, and mounts on any Picatinny or Weaver rail. That makes it an attractive option for people who want to put these on multiple guns.

Many firearm owners have multiple guns they intend to use for self-defense: a rifle and a pistol is a common pairing. We think it’s a smart plan to have the same laser on both of them so that the controls are in a familiar place if you do need to shoot in self-defense. You don’t want to be fumbling around for a switch in the dark when that sort of thing should be muscle memory. If you agree, a pair of these sights, one for each of your home defense guns, is the way to go.

5. Crimson Trace LaserGrip

It’s always refreshing to see a product that tackles two relevant issues at once. This LaserGrip by Crimson Trace, in a single part, adds to your Glock shooting experience in two regards.

First, and why it’s on this list: it adds a laser sight that comes out just above the right thumb. This is a natural position for many shooters, as you can think about shooting as pointing with the thumb of your right hand and get decent groups.

Second, this grip is, well, a grip. It adds a little bit thicker grip to the back of your Glock and some people find it very comfortable. It also makes installation simple, as it goes on the same way as any other Glock backplate or grip. Overall, this is a slick package that we think will work well for many shooters.

6. Streamlight TLR-6

Specifically designed for the more compact Glocks, models 42 and 43, the Streamlight TLR-6 is a similarly svelte option for those who want to keep a light on their carry gun without adding a ton of extra bulk.

Like many of the other options on the list, this light and red laser combo attaches to the rail on the bottom of the frame of the gun and butts against the trigger guard. This keeps the controls at your fingertips in case you need either white light or a laser on a potential threat.

A thoughtful piece of design that we like on this is that the batter, a CR-1, can be replaced with simple tools, and without removing the light from the weapon. This will keep the laser zeroed, and make your life a little more convenient when you have to change the batteries. This is an ideal light for people who concealed carry the compact series of Glocks.

7. ArmaLaser GTO/FLX

Sometimes, simplicity is what you’re looking for in a product. That is very much the case with the ArmaLaer GTO/FLX. It’s a small green laser that can be mounted to Picatinny rails. Nothing more, nothing less, and it’s designed to be simple, compact, and rugged.

This laser can fit nearly anything that has a piece of Picatinny rail on it, and with simple controls projects a green laser on your target. Three things about its design make it a winner. First, it is extremely compact: it has a much smaller footprint than the laser guards and grips.

Second, this laser is extremely easy to adjust. With just a few twists of the windage and elevation controls, you can have this dialed in at your desired range. Third, a feature we always appreciate: you can change the batteries without removing the sight. If you want a small green laser, this one is an excellent choice.

8. Viridian Weapon Technologies Reactor 5 Gen 2

As we have mentioned earlier in this piece, some people do not want to change holsters and the laser-guard types of sight are not always compatible with the holster you have. One solution to that issue is to get a holster and a laser at the same time to make sure that you will not have any compatibility issues.

This kit is decidedly aimed at concealed carry folks as it comes with both a Viridian Weapon Technologies red laser trigger guard and their inside the waistband holster.

it makes a great deal of sense to get this as a kit. Even if a specific holster does say that a certain gun and light combo will work, there is the risk of a poor fit that results in too much or too little retention of your firearm. If you get this all-in-one kit, you will be confident that the laser is designed to work well with the holster as they come from the same manufacturer.

9. TruGlo 560000007620R Sight-Line Red Laser

For those looking for a simple and more budget-conscious light, this option by TruGlo fits the bill nicely. This laser mounts to any Picatinny rail, and with just a few screws gives you a red laser mounted on your handgun for easier target acquisition in low light conditions.

This is a general light meant for a wide variety of handguns, but it is compact enough to fit well on most Glock models. One thing we quite like about this particular model is that the battery can last up to 18 hours depending on settings: that’s more than most on this list and makes it worth considering in its own right.

As far as a use case, the TruGlo laser would be ideal for someone who is not yet willing to spend a large amount of money on a laser sight and wants to try one out before making a larger investment. You may find yourself keeping it for the long term or as a backup if this sight works well for you.

10. Nightstick TSM-11G Rechargeable Weapon Light with Green Laser

For the final entry on our list, we’re going with a rugged model that will more than serve your needs if you’re willing to put up with a little extra bulk. This light and laser combo is extremely feature-rich; it has a white light and laser, both of which are super bright.

Beyond that, the unit is built to be waterproof and is rechargeable via cable rather than batteries, which we like instead of throwing out batteries over time. Additionally, the controls can be used with either hand, making this a great choice for left-handed shooters. The lifetime warranty shows that Nightstick stands behind this unit, and we would not hesitate to put it on a home defense weapon.

What to Look for in a Glock Laser Sight

Let’s get started. But first, we need to know what to look for and why in Glock laser sighting systems.

The right laser sight can make all the difference when you’re out on the range shooting targets or exploring the woods in the pursuit of prey. The problem is that the differences between the right laser sight and the wrong one for your Glock pistol aren’t always easy to discern. As a matter of fact, I once struggled when it came to finding the right laser sight for the job, and wished I had some help.

Here’s everything I’ve since learned about choosing a laser sight for a Glock pistol, and what common mistakes I think you should avoid if you don’t want to end up regretting your purchase.

Fit and Finish of Glock Laser Sights

Nobody wants a quarter inch of plastic hanging off their Glock or a laser housing that isn’t quite the right color in comparison to the frame of their Glock pistol.

There are quite a few cheap lasers out there that just kind of hang off of your picatinny rail and then there are some that fit nice and flush and just “feel” like their quality.

You want the latter. This also makes a difference when we’re talking about how your laser-sighted Glock will fit into a holster, but that’s another topic.


Glock makes some of the most reliable handguns in the world, your laser sight needs to be reliable as well. First and foremost, your Glock laser needs to be able to handle the recoil of your pistol.

I’ll tell you right now, not every laser sight out there can withstand continuous vibration from 9mm fire and still work every time.

Brightness of the Laser

A dim laser is absolutely useless for your Glock. Especially if you carry one everyday. Generally speaking, green lasers will be much brighter than red lasers as we discussed in our red vs. green laser sights article. If you’re using it for EDC (every day carry), you should be using a green laser sight for your Glock carry pistol.

Red vs. Green Laser Color

The first question I encountered was the simplest, and it’s one you’re going to have to deal with, too; do you want a red laser sight, or a green one? Some gun nuts passionately argue that there’s a major difference between red and green sights, but I think it’s really a matter of personal preference. Nonetheless, there are reasons to believe that green lasers take more energy to generate, and in turn appear more visible to the human eye in low-light conditions.

This has the consequence of making many green laser sights more expensive than some of their red counterparts. If you’re really going for maximum visibility, it’s likely worth spending the extra few dollars for a green sight that can peer further into the darkness and pop out more vibrantly when you’re searching for your target. If you’re looking for a cheap option that will improve your overall visibility but don’t care too much about the specifics, a cheaper red option will likely suit your Glock pistol better than a green one.

Regarding battery life, I also discovered that red sights typically last substantially longer than their green peers because of the energy differential needed to create the two different colors. This also means that red lasers have a greater ability to deal with temperature variations than green sights do. If you’re a shooter who’s going to be exploring cold areas alongside of hot ones, it’s worthwhile to invest in a red laser sight for your Glock pistol.

Colorblindness is also something to take into consideration; a close friend of mine enjoys shooting, but suffers from deuteranomaly, otherwise known as green colorblindness. It’s the most common form of color blindness and can diminish your ability to use certain sights. As always, be sure to test before making a final decision if you can.

Still wondering about red vs. green laser sights? Make sure to check out our complete article about the differences between green and red laser sights.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Use

Certain colors perform better indoors versus outdoors, too, which you need to take into consideration depending on where you’ll be shooting. Red laser sights are popular for indoor shooting environments, largely because they can be very challenging to see in high-light environments like a sunny field. Even relatively cloudy days can still emit enough sunlight to diminish your ability to peer down a red laser sight with ease. Well-lit conditions traditionally call for a vibrant emerald-green laser sight, as this will be much more visible on a bright day than a red sight.

There’s a serous difference in how far red and green sights reach, too. Most red laser sights will be unsuitable if you’re trying to hit a target further than 30 or 40 yards away, for instance, whereas green lasers will give you a much brighter picture at up to 100 yards. Similarly, I’ve always believed that green laser sights are less durable than their red counterparts and don’t hold up as well to the natural wear and tear that your firearm will experience when you visit the range.

Pointability and Holstering

Upping the pointability, or the capacity of your handgun to serve as an extension of your hand and eye coordination, is the most important aspect of purchasing a laser sight for your Glock pistol. I found that the vibrant laser I eventually settled on helped me locate my targets better, especially in low-light conditions, and that my eyes naturally arrived on the sights with much greater ease than they had when I was using iron sights. The size, length, and weight of your laser sight could impact your Glock pistol’s pointability, so be sure that a small adjustment to your sights won’t throw off your shooting.

Besides pointability, you also need to consider how you’ll be holstering your weapon. Far too many gunowners I know made an expensive purchase, waiting eagerly for it to arrive, and then found out that their new laser sight prevents them from holstering their firearm in the holster they’ve been using for years. Bulking up your Glock pistol with a new addition isn’t always fun, but sometimes you’ll need to make a sacrifice in order to get a new laser sight. Consider the possibility that you’ll be forced to purchase a new holster if you purchase a laser sight before you end up finalizing your purchase.

You should also take some time to consider the other gear you use in tandem with your beloved Glock pistol. Sights which are easily affixed but hard to remove may require you purchase a new carrying or storage case, for instance. Similarly, gunowners are famous lovers of attachments of all shapes and sizes, so consider how your new Glock pistol laser sight will meld with your existing flashlight if you have one.

Read Reviews About Glock Lasers You’re Interested In

Finally, you should review the advice and reviews of others who have previously bought the laser sight you’re seriously considering. You can find plenty of reviews on YouTube for just about any firearm or firearm-related accessory, and Glock pistol laser sights are no exception. These videos aren’t only useful because they act as comprehensive user reviews but are also handy because they effectively serve as a tutorial for how to properly mount your Glock pistol laser sight once you’ve made a decision.

I always recommend price comparisons so that you don’t get ripped off, but don’t be afraid to splurge a little extra for a green laser sight. My first laser sight had an admirable red shade, but I simply found it too lackluster in outdoors environments to be that useful. Gunowners who exclusively shoot at indoor ranges may find a red laser sight and its higher versatility and lower price to be the more attractive option, but those who love the great outdoors will likely need a green option.

Choose The Right Glock Laser

We’ve gone over ten laser sights we think would work well for your Glock. Depending on your needs and budget, there’s something for you. If you want to keep things super compact, you can try the guide rod-style of sight. If features are your priority, some of the rail-mounted lights are excellent solutions. For folks in-between, the various grip and trigger guard lasers present great value propositions.

Whichever laser you end up choosing, we hope that this piece will help you in navigating the truly massive world of aftermarket Glock parts. With just a little homework on your part, which we have tried to help with here, picking a laser sight for your handgun is more than doable.