The Best Glock Trigger

Glocks have been one of the most popular series of handguns for several decades now. Whether it’s for concealed carry, military/law enforcement duty sidearms, or in the hands of competitors, you’re likely to see Glocks about everywhere handguns are used.

These striker-fired polymer handguns are durable, reliable, and generally shoot very well. One thing that some people do not like about their Glocks, however, is the triggers. That’s what this piece is going to cover.

best glock trigger

If you’re thinking about upgrading your Glock trigger, there are a lot of options out there: so many, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. In this piece, we’re going to wade through that information to cover what we think are the best ten triggers with which to upgrade a Glock.

The 10 Best Glock Triggers

1. TRYBE Defense Glock Gen 5 Trigger

Kicking things off, we have the TRYBE Defense Gen 5 trigger. This trigger is meant to work with Glock models 19x, 45, 43, 17, 26, and 19. The system comes with the trigger itself as well as a trigger bar.

As far as the trigger itself, the metal trigger comes in several color options, as does the safety, making it so that you can customize the look of this flat-faced trigger. The trigger bar, made of solid metal, will take much of the creep out of a stock Glock trigger.

The TRYBE Defense trigger is a great choice for someone who wants to upgrade their Glock with a flat-faced trigger, which many prefer to curved triggers as it changes the geometry of the trigger pull in such a way that it feels shorter. Additionally, the ability to customize colors makes this a popular option for those looking to upgrade the looks of their otherwise bland, stock Glock.

2. Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT Trigger

Our next pick, the Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT trigger is another flat-faced trigger that will upgrade the feel when compared to the stock trigger. This one is made for Glock models 43, 36, 17, 20, and 42: just make sure to select the correct option in terms of generation and caliber.

Like our last pick, this one is a flat-faced option, which many people like for making the take-up and resets feel shorter. Materials wise, this black trigger is polymer: that’s a great option for those looking to either save in terms of cost or weight when adding parts to their Glock handgun. The trigger bar, however, is metal, which will substantially improve the feel of the trigger.
The Overwatch Precision Polymer trigger would be a great option for someone looking to make real improvements over the Glock’s stock trigger, but avoiding making the gun look flashy or break the bank in the process.

3. Glock Triggers EDGE Competition Trigger System

If you’re looking for a great system to dial in your Glock for competition, the EDGE Competition Trigger System is more than worth a look. Like the rest we’ve covered so far, there are models available for many common Glocks, so just check the option that fits your gun. Where this kit shines is in the sheer amount of options that come in this package.

Of course, there’s a trigger and a trigger bar, but that’s where the fun begins. This kit also comes with three different powered firing pin springs, a trigger housing, and a hex key with which to adjust over-travel. That means that you will have a lot of options to adjust the feel of your Glock so that you can get rounds on target much faster.

This kit is great for those just getting into the competition game, who often find that the stock trigger of their Glock is holding them back when seconds matter.

4. Glock Triggers SKIMMER Enhanced Carry Trigger System

Made by the same people who made the previous entry on our list, the SKIMMER Enhanced Carry System is meant to give you many of the benefits of an enhanced trigger without the fiddling around that often comes with competition guns. As usual, it is available for a wide variety of Glock models.

Designed for use in carry guns where people want better triggers, this one comes with a new polymer trigger, housing, as well as all of the springs to make the action and trigger of the Glock noticeably smoother. With just one session of work installing the components, you will see a dramatic improvement in the crispiness of your Glock trigger.

This system would be ideal for those looking to improve their carry gun. A lot of people do not love stock Glock triggers, but among those who carry Glocks the desire to devote lots of time to upgrade it is also not that appealing. If both apply to you, this kit is a great one-time solution to improve your Glock’s handling.

5. Lone Wolf Arms Ultimate Adjustable Glock Trigger

For some, it’s the polymer feel of the stock trigger that’s unappealing in Glocks. That’s where the Lone Wolf Arms trigger comes in very handy. These triggers, coming in multiple colors and fitting several models of Glock, are made out of 6061 Billet Aluminum. The metal feel is slick, smooth, and crisp, with the safety attaching by a single screw.
This trigger has tight tolerances, and the included trigger bar feels both crisper and smoother than the stock Glock trigger. If you want a different trigger bar, that can also be replaced to further dial in your Glock to your preferences.

This trigger would be ideal for those who not only want to improve how their Glock feels, but how it looks as well. The quality aluminum design is an attractive one, and some of the colors will make your handgun stand out at the range.

6. ZEV Technologies PRO Flat Face Glock Trigger Bar Kit

Many of the triggers on this list come with a trigger and the accompanying trigger bar. Where the ZEV technologies Pro Flat Face Trigger stands out is that it also comes with a connector, which, in this case, is also metal.  When all of the parts of the trigger assembly are metal rather than polymer, much of the slop or creep in the trigger is taken out, resulting in a much smoother trigger pull with a nice, clean break.

Available for multiple models, there is also a choice in color: you can get the safety in black or red. The red is a tasteful style upgrade that adds a little color without doing anything too extreme in terms of aesthetics.

This trigger kit is great for those looking to take out most of the slop in a Glock trigger to end up with a much smoother overall trigger pull with a crisper break.

7. Apex Tactical Specialties 102157 Action Enhancement Trigger Kit

Some kits that come with what looks like a whole gun worth of springs, screws, and other parts can be a little intimidating for people who are new to at-home gun modifications. If that’s you, but you want to start trying to improve your Glock, the Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger kit is an awesome option.

This red metal trigger drops in with its attached trigger bar, giving you a much crisper trigger with just a few simple tools and a few minutes of work. The simplicity of this kit combined with the benefits of a crisper trigger makes this one worth checking out.

The trigger is available for several models of Glock: 43, 43x, and 48. With those models, this one is aimed at the concealed carry market, and in that context, this trigger is a great option for those who don’t want to re-do the internal workings of a pistol.

8. Ghost Inc Ultimate 3.5 Pound Trigger Connector Fits All Glock Models except 42 and 43

For a lot of people, the idea of spending triple-digit dollars on a Glock trigger can be a little bit of an ask, but they also want to improve the function of the firearm that they already have. In a case like that one, the Ghost Inc 3.5lb Trigger connector is a fantastic option.

This little piece of metal, when dropped into your Glock, will tighten up the action of the trigger and make it much, much lighter. Of course, it won’t have as dramatic an effect as a full-on competition trigger, but that’s okay.

If you are new to the world of modifications on Glocks and would like to get into it without breaking the bank, then something simple like this simple modification can make a great deal of difference in your shooting experience.

9. Timney Triggers Alpha Competition Trigger

Competition triggers are fantastic ways to improve the shooting of a Glock handgun, and this one by Timney Triggers is one of the best of the bunch. Factory tuned for precision; this trigger system is one option to consider if what you want is a clean, crisp shooting Glock that will shave seconds off of your competition time.

The kit comes with a trigger and trigger bar, and, handily, works with stock Glock springs. With just the components that come in the package, your Glock’s trigger will be set at 3lbs with little to no creep and a nice, clean break.

This trigger kit is ideal for shooters who want a drop-in solution to making their Glock shoot better. This one can be done at home, without the need of a gunsmith, so is perfect for people who like working on their firearms.

10. CMC Triggers Drop-in Flat Trigger Kit for Gen 1-3

As of now, there are at least five generations of Glocks. With that said, if you have an earlier generation of Glock there’s no reason to toss it out if you want to shoot well. For Glocks in the first three generations, this kit by CMC triggers is a great option to improve the performance of your firearm.

Installation on these is easy, and it can often drop in with just a few minutes of time and a punch. Once you do install it, you’ll have a flat trigger that feels a lot crisper and has a lot less take-up than the stock trigger.

Glocks have changed over time, and a trigger like this one is a great way to revitalize an older Glock such that it feels a lot more like its more contemporary cousins.

Who Can Benefit from an Aftermarket Glock Trigger?

In this article, we’ve gone through a list of Glock triggers that we think are great additions to the platform to make them more shootable. There are two kinds of people who will benefit from a  much-improved trigger.

The first is competition shooters. Where Glock triggers, stock, are safe and great for duty carry, they are notoriously sloppy and not very crisp. Those things make them poor competition triggers, but adding one of the options from our list can make any Glock a lot more ready to take fast and accurate shots under the clock.

The second kind of person is those who plan to concealed carry a Glock. For the same reasons that competition shooters do not like stock triggers, you might want something faster and lighter should you need to defend yourself.

Most of the triggers on this list are drop-in and can be installed by yourself with just a little patience and consulting with the included instructions. If all else fails, though, asking a gunsmith or a more experienced shooter for a little bit of help is a good call.

While high-end triggers can be a little expensive, their benefits are more than worth it if your goal is to win competitions or get the best shooting Glock possible. But, with that said, if you do not want to spend that much there are less expensive options that can aid in making the Glock a good shooting platform.

Overall, the sheer variety of Glock triggers means that there is probably one- or more- out there for you: we invite you to check out the ones on this list to see what you like.