Best Gun Cleaning Box

If you’re looking for your next gun cleaning kit, you’ve found exactly what you need. Below you’ll find everything you need to choose the ideal kit that’ll satisfy your needs. It’s time to clean up your act and start cleaning your guns with the best gun cleaning gun cleaning box

Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit by Allen

This immensely utilitarian gun cleaning box by Allen, the Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit, comes equipped with 65 pieces sure to make any hobbyist’s life easier thanks to its clear organization and durable mold. The Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit comes with a handy tool box for safe and dry storage, with extensive components for standard pistol and rifle calibers as well as additional options like the popular 12 gauge. Essential components like bronze brushes, brass slotted tips, cleaning rods and cotton patches come alongside of more specialized brass adaptors and durable nylon picks.

Weighing about a pound, the Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit is easy to heft around and comes in an economical shape that makes it easy to store or toss in the back of a truck. Coming in at a good price, the Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit is an excellent utilitarian purchase that will effectively clean pistols and rifles without unexpectedly breaking down, and includes excess room for hobbyists to store their own rags, oils, and assorted cleaning equipment. Excellent for tackling a wide-variety of firearms, the Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit is a great option for enthusiasts with a broad gun collection looking for a singular kit to handle most of their cleaning needs.

GunMaster Wooden Toolbox

The GunMaster Wooden Toolbox provides an elegant cleaning solution for hobbyist who are looking to break down grease without sacrificing the style of their equipment. Exuding class and a vintage style, the GunMaster Wooden Toolbox runs a little higher in price but makes up for its lofty price with its fine craftsmanship and alluring wood finish. Its universal setup makes it an ideal option for almost any gunowner, and the 63-piece cleaning kit itself has just about every tool under the sun for cleaning barrels and polishing handles.

This gun box was purpose-built for hobbyists who aren’t just looking for mere tools, but also want them to come equipped with sensible packaging that can be included in a display room or basement bar. With two drawers that help hobbyists clean their products without making the kit itself too bulky, the GunMaster Wooden Toolbox is easily portable and excellent for showing off. This option weighs substantially more than the Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit, coming in at just under 11 pounds, but can still be easily lugged about by most hobbyists. It’s ability to exude a refined but rustic attitude makes it a popular choice amongst hobbyists looking to return to the days of the old West.

Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box

This monstrosity of a cleaning box comes equipped with everything an expert gun enthusiast needs to ensure that their armory is up to snuff at all times. Designed to tackle pistols, shotguns, and rifles alike, the Otis Elite Range Box is designed with utility in mind over aesthetics and is the ideal option for those making regular trips to and from the range or a nearby field. Made in the USA, this box comes in at a sleek black finish that gives it a modern touch. Precision tools and applicator tips are included, making the Otis Elite Range Box a cut above other picks and suitable for hobbyist with more specialized and expensive collections.

Confined to a small package, this option is nonetheless replete with tons of storage and an easily-organizable interior that will help you manage even the untidiest of collections. An awesome option for hobbyists with many different calibers, the Otis Elite Range Box is designed with universality in mind and is anything but a one-trick pony. Resembling a classic tackle box in many ways, it fits right in to any garage or basement parlor, and is designed to endure light exposure to water and the elements in a way that many other gun cleaning kits simply can’t attest to.

Never Have a Dirty Gun Again

Every time you fire your gun, carbon, copper, plastic, and lead residue end up in the barrel. Over time, what does this look like? Malfunctions, jams, overheating, you name it. Don’t like this happen to your guns. Get in the habit of cleaning your guns now and you’ll never have to be pained by these problems again.