Best Gun Cleaning Pads

Everybody knows how important it is to regularly clean your firearm. However, most guns have delicate parts that can be easily damaged when taking apart your firearm for regular cleaning. A gun cleaning pad allows you to keep your gun clean and off the floor where dust, dirt, and debris can scratch or damage delicate parts of a firearm.

best gun cleaning pads

Pro-Shot Products 100% Cotton Flannel Patches

Gunowners looking to clean their firearms in the most efficient way possible should look no further than Pro-Shot Products’ 100% Cotton Flannel Patches, which are incredibly affordable but also terrifyingly efficient at wiping away dust and grime from your weapons. Gunowners can decide if they want a small order or a bulk delivery of 1,000 patches when picking this excellent option, with the largest option setting them back $31.45. Proudly made in the USA, the chief selling point of this product is its simple efficiency – the flannel patches in question are easy to use, quick to break down grime, and can be disposed of without making any sort of mess.

Lauded around the world by gunowners who have tried a myriad of cleaning pads but never found an option that felt right for them, Pro-Shot’s Cotton Flannel Patches aren’t a traditional pad but will get the job done at a fair price with little effort applied. With individual patches possessing a startling longevity, this offering won’t disappoint gunowners looking to get a bang for their buck when it comes to cleaning the treasured firearms they know and love.

Drymate Handgun/Shotgun Gun Cleaning Pad

Drymate’s simple Handgun/Shotgun Gun Cleaning Pad is a classic, reliable cleaning pad that runs 16’x54’, making it excellent for the owners of long arms who don’t want to scratch the surface of their weapons nor the tables they’re cleaning upon. This giant pad soaks up spills should you suffer from a mishap while cleaning and prevents anything from soaking through should you really send a can of oil or jar of cleaning solution flying by accident.

Perfect for both handguns and shotguns, too, this option is flexible for its $5.99 sale price tag. Made in the USA, the felt-like material of this cleaning pad is easy on the hands while it sufficiently breaks down any muck that could be holding your firearm back. The added rubber backing makes it bulkier than many alternatives, which renders it heavier than most cleaning pads but makes it all the more water resistant on the bottom and impenetrable from a staining standpoint.

Real Avid Universal Smart Mat – 43×16”, Long Gun Cleaning Mat, Red Parts Tray

Organized gun cleaning is easier than ever before now that gunowners can rely upon Real Avid’s Universal Smart Mat, which includes a hand parts tray for those firearm specialists who like to get into the nitty-gritty details of their belongings. Cleaning and maintaining your firearm is never easy, but this mat makes the entire process drastically more manageable for just $19.99. Its non-slip backing will guarantee that this product grips onto most worksurfaces, and its perhaps the most waterproof mat available on the market today.

Oil or liquids spilled onto this offering will simply bead up on its plastic-like surface rather than penetrate through to stain surfaces below, and the 43’x16’ mat can easily be rolled up and stowed when you’re done using it. The cleaning pad is only part of this offering, too, with the attractive red parts tray helping you organize your collection as you go about cleaning it. Say goodbye to dropped screws, forgotten pins, and misplaced swabs now that you have a handy tray to rely upon. More than just about any alternative on the market, this offering permits gunowners to clean and maintain their firearms just about anywhere, with the easily-rolled mat perfect for shotguns, rifles, and handguns alike. The oil resistant surface, the clever parts tray, and the savvy marketing effort that have gone into this cleaning mat have effectively made it the smartest and one of the most-sought-after choices available to gunowners.

Clean Your Firearm The Right Way

Many of these cleaning pads contain surfaces that are hydrophobic, dirt resistant, and easy to clean. Even if you’re cleaning your gun in the middle of the forest, you’ll be able to trust your cleaning pad to keep your firearm safe when performing maintenance.