Best Gun Multitool

A gun multitool might be one of the most versatile and necessary tools that all gunowners should have. Whether it’s basic firearm maintenance or cleaning dirt out of the hardest-to-reach places, a multitool can help get the job done better than your kitchen toothpick. Learn more about the best gun multitool below.

best gun multitool

Gun Tool Pro 30-in-1 Firearm Multitool

Equipped with just about everything any gun owner would need to keep their firearms in mint condition, the Gun Tool Pro 30-in-1 Firearm Multitool is an incredibly affordable yet effective option for firearm maintenance. This tool is purpose-built to make cleaning your shotgun or rifle a breeze and can cover a wide range of firearms, making it perfect for those gun owners looking for a tool that fits their expansive collection. It’s fair price makes it popular around the world. With a removable magnetic storage department to help you keep track of pins, small screws and other tiny objects that have a tendency to go missing, it’s also perfect for those gun owners tired of having to buy replacement parts time and time again.

It’s universal shotgun choke wrench and the 2.5-inch raptor claw knife blade are just two fine examples of the myriad of options it offers to firearm owners in desperate need of a reliable tool, with more lurking under the handle for when it’s time for a deep clean. A lanyard loop helps you keep track of this tool, and the different file options make it an ideal option even for those with picky taste. Ultimately, gun owners would be hard-pressed to find a more suitable tool for firearm maintenance than the Gun Tool Pro 30-in-1 Multitool.

Real Avid Gun Tool Plus (Silver/Black)

Gun owners searching for an affordable gun tool that still packs a punch should look no further than the Real Avid Gun Tool Plus, which comes in either a silver or a black style. The sleek design of this tool makes it look like something out of the future, but it’s perfectly designed to solve all of your modern firearm maintenance needs, equipped with a constellation of wrenches and bits that will meet the demands of any gun you can put before it. This incredibly popular tool is often picked up by gun owners who find traditional multitools to be insufficient for their hobbyist pursuits.

Coming equipped with a use case that can be readily attached to your belt, this gun multitool is perfect for any gun owners workshop. The magnetic bore light has a 5-inch flexible neck that makes it particularly appealing for gun owners who demand precision in their tools, and its 8 hour run time is made all the sweeter by the fact that batteries are included.

Real Avid Pistol Tool

Sometimes, gun owners need a purpose-built product for their specialty firearms, as universal tools don’t always cut it. That’s why Real Avid’s Pistol Tool is so popular, given that it was explicitly designed with handguns in mind. This gun multitool is 19-in-1 and is prepared for just about any challenge you may encounter on the range or in the field. With everything from Allen wrenches you can use to fine-tune your sites to brushing wrenches needed to break down your pistols for cleaning, this tool has anything you might need after a long day of intense shooting.

It’s classic 3-inch Tanto knife makes it handy on a daily basis, with the fine-tooth metal file and tap hammer surface also making it useful around the house whenever you’re done shooting. Gun owners have come to respect Real Avid’s ability to provide specialty-built firearm maintenance tool, and this one is no exception. With its screwdrivers having ball detents and being finely-manufactured to prevent stripping when you’re maintaining your handgun, this option is indisputably one of the finest available on the market to pistol owners today.

Firearm Maintenance On-The-Go

At the range and experience a gun jam? A multitool can help you diagnose a problem and fix it without having to use larger tools.