Best Gun Oil

What’s the best way to stop gun jams and overheating? Buy a new gun? The solution is investing in some good-quality gun oil. In this article, You’ll find out about what the best gun oil is for you.

best gun oil

Hoppes 9 Oil

Hoppes #9 is so well established it is difficult to consider firearms care without seeing their name or catching their scent.  Sometimes referred to as “gun enthusiasts’ aphrodisiac,” this brand has a specific olfactory presence that, for many, harkens back to “cleaning night”: the first time the family allowed you to help clean the family firearm(s) and learn about safety and responsibility.  The company has a tradition that stretches back generations.  Established as the “Gun Care People” over a century ago their gun oil is designed and tested to provide protection against the toughest of situations and is safe for modern (read as plastic) firearms.  Hoppes #9 is suitable for all outdoor equipment that needs protection against the elements, keeping moisture and rogue particles away from vital, moving parts, extending dependability and service life.

CLP Gun Oil

Cleaner, Lubricant and Preservative.  CLP is a one stop gun care product made of synthetic oils that are designed to penetrate and spread along metallic surfaces to protect and lift residue out of crevices allowing particles to be wiped away.  The synthetic mixture is made to not stiffen or thin no matter how cold or hot it gets, and protection from moisture is guaranteed after the first full application.  CLP is a proven first, last and only shield against rust, with “Break-Free” capabilities to cut through corrosion and stop it in its tracks.  For use on equipment that will be exposed to the elements, on the ocean or simply being put away at the end of the season, this is what protects your investment and the tools your hobby and/or life depends upon.

Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil is counted among the fastest growing lines of lubricant and oil additives with an aggressive marketing program using professionals to promote their products.  Competitive shooters, for example, have not only merely accepted their sponsorship but are among the company’s most vocal salespeople, even pitching the product to their friends and associates.  Formulated for high heat and friction, Lucas oil has made and proven claims among the rounds of competitions and demonstrations with specific applications for use with silencers and full auto firearms.

Extreme Force Gun Oil

Extreme Force oil by Advanced Weapon Technology is specifically designed for use in full auto, high cyclic weapons with the logic that anything that operates slower will be just as fine and protected.  It is another clean, lubricate and protect product for single use: wipe it in, wipe it off and wipe it down.  Guaranteed to not gum up in low temperatures or burn off in heat, AWT caters specifically to current and former operators and private military contractors (PMC).


Approaching gun care from the opposite side of synthetics is FrogLube: the only bio based degreasing and lubricating agent for firearms on the market.  Using food grade, bio based ingredients provides a level of lubrication without flammable toxins, oxidants, or flammability that is performance ready in all temperatures.  The heavier paste not only has a pleasant minty fragrance but helps descend into every nook and cranny lifting contaminants out, eats rust and absorbs carbon to be easily wiped away, leaving behind a coating that both protects against moisture and lubricates all contact surfaces for silky smooth functionality.

Gun Oil That’s Ready For Performance

Not all gun oil was built with quality in mind. Trust that these oil types offer rust-eating protection for high levels of gun performance. Keep your guns running efficient, safe, and long with these gun oil brands.