Best Gun Safes Under $2,000

Safely protecting and storing your firearms is both necessary and important, but finding the perfect safe can be a challenge.

best safe for the money

You will need a safe that is strong, durable, and, most importantly, easy for you to access, but also be able to keep your firearms and valuables safe from thieves and children.

For additional protection, you may also be looking for a safe that is fireproof or waterproof.

With an unlimited budget, it is easy to find an excellent gun safe that offers all these features, but for those in need of a more budget-friendly option, finding the perfect safe can be difficult.

Luckily, we are here to help. Here is our top list of gun safes, all for under $2,000.00, that provide excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Mesa Safe Company MBF7236E

The Mesa Safe Company MBF7236E is an excellent option for those needing to secure tactical and hunting rifles as well as any accessories or valuables.

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With 22.9 cubic feet of storage, there is enough room to house up to 32 long guns comfortably.

The MBF7236E is built with steel that has a 11/2 inch thickness overall, and a door held shut by four 1-inch thick solid steel locking bolts.

This heavy-duty construction means that not only can this safe withstand a two-story drop without causing damage to its contents, but that it also weighs in at an impressive 860lbs, meaning that it is extremely difficult for a burglar to move, even with assistance.

Wanting to offer as much security as possible, Mesa also made sure the MBF7236E had a drill-resistant door to deter more determined thieves.

The bolts are opened via an electronic lock that also provides a lockout feature to ensure maximum security.

The MBF7236E also has a concealed backup manual key lock in case you need to access the case and forgot your code or let the battery run out.

As a bonus, the safe is also fire-resistant at up to 1750°F for one hour, making sure that in the event of a fire, your valuables are kept safe and sound.

This safe is at the top end of the $2,000 budget but offers enough amenities that it is definitely deserving of consideration.

However, the hefty weight also means that you should take care to choose a quality company for shipment to avoid dings and dents during transport.

Stack-On Woodland 40

Stack-On has a reputation for excellence when it comes to gun safes, and the Woodland 40 is no exception.

best safe under 2000

The Woodland 40 is the perfect choice for someone needing ample storage space for their hunting or tactical rifles.

As the name suggests, the Woodland 40 was built to be able to safely hold up to 40 long guns without having any issues with them damaging or scratching one another, and also includes three adjustable position barrel rests and five adjustable-position shelves.

To also give space for accessories and handguns, the Woodland 40 also has convenient pouches and pistol holders located on the inside of the door.

The Woodland 40 is fire rated and can withstand temperatures of up to 1400°F for 30 minutes.

The door is held closed by five 11/2inch thick steel bars and three 1 inch bolts, giving a total of eight locking points that are opened with an electronic lock.

To make it easy to access this safe no matter the amount of light, the keypad is also conveniently backlit and offers a silent option.

In case you forget to change out the battery, this safe also provides one backup key that will override the electronic lock.

Cost-wise, the Woodland 40 is on the lower end of our price point, coming in at less than $800.

The cost vs. features prove that the Woodland has excellent value for its cost, and the addition of the Stack-On lifetime warranty is a huge plus.

That being said, there do seem to be some aesthetic quality control issues, like slightly angled keypads or poorly laid carpet in the interior, on quite a few of the models, so make sure you give it a good once over upon arrival.

We also noted that the pistol pockets are on the smaller side and are best suited for compact or sub-compact handguns, so you will need to store the full-sized guns on the provided shelves.

SnapSafe Titan Digital Modular Safe

If you are seeking a lightweight gun safe that also offers maximum security at an affordable price, the SnapSafe Titan might just be the perfect choice for you.

Weighing in at around 397 pounds, the Titan is markedly lighter than many other safes currently on the market.

The interior is spacious enough to fit a maximum of twelve rifles if the are stacked alternating muzzles and butts; though if your guns have optics or sights, it will hold fewer.

It also has adjustable shelves, as well as an adjustable full and half gun rack to keep your firearms and valuables organized and safe.

The Titan also offers impressive fire protection, with 9 gauge steel exterior walls and an ability to resist temperatures of up to 2300°F for up to 60 minutes.

Since SnapSafe is a Hornaday company, it is no surprise that extra care was taken to create a non-breach seal deadbolt door.

The door itself is both sledgehammer and pry-bar resistant and is held closed by eight 1-inch thick locking bolts that are closed by a spring-loaded re-locker guaranteeing that as soon as the safe door is shut, it is immediately secured.

The Titan is opened using a battery-powered electronic lock with a programmable 3-8-digit code and a mechanical key backup in case your battery ever runs dry.

The only small complaint we had for the Titan is that you do need to construct it yourself upon arrival.

While that is a mild annoyance, putting it together is very easy and requires no extra tools since even the necessary wrench is included. Like the Stack-On the SnapSafe also offers a lifetime warranty.