Best Gun Socks

Gun socks are designed to protect your firearm, but why are they important? When transporting guns, to and from the shooting range, hunting, etc. chances are they’re not stowed in a dust-free, ideal environment. Even scratches and scuffs can wear down the quality of a firearm over time. Learn more about how you can protect your firearm with the best gun socks.

best gun socks

Allen 52-inch Silicon Treated Knit Gun Sock

When gunowners need to protect their precious belongings, they understand that they can only rely on the best, which is where the Allen 52-inch Knit Gun Stock comes into play. This timeless classic is silicon-treated and comes in a wide range of color options that can fit the style and personality of literally any gunowner looking for protective equipment. With a one-pack priced low, this product helps define the world durable with its tough composition. Designed with harsh conditions and rough gunowners in mind, this excellent tool will help keep your longarms safe and stylish whenever you need to transport or store them.

Sack-Up Model 109 Value Pack for 52-Inch Rifles

An excellent bulk option that’s purpose-built for gunowners with a wide-ranging collection of impressive rifles, this Sack-Up Model 109 Value Pack gives customers plenty of bang for their buck. This option is specifically designed for 52-inch rifles that have up to a 50mm scope and will go a long way towards preventing any scratches or tarnishes to your beloved weapon. Perfect for long-term storage or even temporary use in the field, this value pack can also make a great gift for hunters.

With enough socks in this value pack to protect up to six rifles, it’s perfect for guaranteeing that moisture, dirt, the elements, and anything else the universe may throw at you doesn’t have a fleeting chance to degrade your otherwise pristine firearms.

Sack-Up Value-Pac Pistol Camouflage

For those who need an excellent gun sock for a smaller pistol or handgun comes the Sack-Up Value-Pac Pistol Camouflage kit, which is tailor-made with modern pistols in mind. This excellent package includes 5 total socks in a classic grey style that matches well with nearly any pistol on the market today. Treated with silicone to prevent rust and wick moisture, the camo-grey style of this pistol camouflage pack makes it fantastic for any tactical shooters who want to keep their sleek firearms fresh in the face and new-looking.

Arcturus Silicone-Treated Handgun Socks

For top of the line protection when it comes to safeguarding your firearms, look no further than the amazing Silicone-Treated Handgun Socks from Arcturus, which have a proven quality that’s brought consumers back for more time and time again. Similar to the company’s highly-rated rifle stocks, these handgun socks are excellent for firearm owners who need a smaller sock that’s nonetheless easy to store and tote around with you. The extra-large design of this gun sock comes in Grey, Black, or Pink, and the combo pack that it comes in ensures that you’ll have all the protection you need when it comes to your favorite sidearm.

This fantastic product is sized at 3.5 inches x 17 inches and possesses a versatile stretchiness that helps it cover any accompanying sites, lights, or lasers.

Extra Wide Gun Sock With Gun ID

This affordable option is perfect for hunters and gunowners who just want a basic yet reliable gun sock that won’t break the bank nor try to wow consumers with unnecessary flair. This product’s 52-inches makes it excellent for longarms of just about any variety, with the accompanying gun identification system making it the perfect match for gunowners who are particularly jealous of their favorite firearms. The breathable material guarantees that moisture can’t diminish the quality of your firearms while they’re safely stowed inside, with the one-size-fits-all design making it great for rifles and shotguns regardless of how many accessories you pile onto them.

Silicone Treatment, What Does It Mean?

Silicone treated gun socks are designed to wick moisture away from the gun while sheathed. Preventing moisture buildup helps your firearm stay rust-free, lasting longer than if it was stowed out in the open.