Best Handgun Safes

Keeping your handgun responsibly stowed away in the home is the most important part of owning a gun. But with all the different types of handgun safes, what’s the best? In this article, you’ll find out what the best handgun safes are that’ll keep your handgun safe.

best handgun safes

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

For hobbyists looking to secure their handgun in the safest, most modern way imaginable comes Vaultek’s slim and secure case. A heavy duty safe made of 16-gauge carbon steel, this safe prevents your firearms from eroding in fashion while displaying a smooth finish that’s pleasing to the eye. Priced higher, Vaultek’s biometric option guarantees that the most innovative technology on the planet is put to use guarding your cherished property, with an automatic opening door that’s opened with either a biometric fingerprint scanner or an old-fashioned rapid-fire keypad. This handgun safe was explicitly designed with the modern-consumer in mind, with responsive LED lighting making it perfect even in pitch-black situations where visibility is limited.

A rechargeable battery included with this safe guarantees that owners can get at 4 months use out of their product without having to worry about a recharge, which takes a mere 2.5 hours to finish. Above all else, this case is narrow but incredibly rugged, capable of sliding under a car seat with ease and wholly confident in its ability to survive a head-on collision with a sixteen-wheeler. A 4-foot-long heavy-duty 5mm steel security cable anchors your purchase into place, as well, and its clever biometric scanner can fit as many 20 different user IDs into its savvy system.

The icing on the cake of Vaultek’s biometric safe is the accompanying smartphone app, which allows you to track the safe’s usage, unlock it within a certain safe distance, and check for tampering. For the sentimental hobbyists, the app even allows you to name your beloved new safe.

Stealth PS1210EZ Pistol Box

Biometric scanners may be impressive, but some gun owners long for the days of simple, reliable, and utterly stalwart cases that come equipped with more fortitude than they do fanfare. The Stealth PS1210EZ Pistol Box offers a solid strong steel door that won’t budge under pressure, a classic mechanical lock with over 1,000 combinations, and a simple design that echoes back to the days of old, when things were built to last. This portable pistol safe can be brought to and from the range with ease, courtesy of its foldable handle, and its welded hinge and 2 interior steel hooks ensure that your valuable equipment isn’t going to be spilling out unless you want it to.

This product has no batteries nor biometric products to worry about, making it an ideal option for those gun owners looking for a simple, tried-and-tested product that doesn’t include extra gizmos to earn an extra buck. With an inch overlap added to the door to prevent prying eyes from seeing its insides, this case also has pre-drilled bolt down holes on the bottom to help you affix it permanently to a surface if portability isn’t what you’re looking for.

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

If you’re a gun owner looking for a handgun safe that can help you sleep as reliably as Uncle Sam does when he thinks about his gold, the Fort Knox PB1 handgun safe is the right fit for you. This 10-gauge steel case has a tamper-resistant wraparound door that gives it a squat, powerful look. A Simplex mechanical locking device ensures easy access and a fast opening once your code is inputted, and the product’s lifetime warranty makes it standout despite its price.

A monster of a product, the PB1 pistol box is virtually impossible to dent, let alone crack into, and has over 1,000 combinations that can be called upon to keep your property secure. This case has a unique silver powder coat finish that gives it a quintessentially classic style that’s sure to fit in well with almost any arsenal and is proudly made in America. The PB1 pistol box is also excellent for enthusiasts on the move and fits neatly into the interior of most cars and trucks with extensive foam to ensure your property isn’t jostling about when you’re driving. With no batteries nor biometrics to worry about, this old-school safe won’t quit when its modern contemporaries have and will guarantee that your firearms remain safely locked away until you call upon them.

Keep It Stowed and Safe

With these handgun safes, you can trust that your gun will be safe for a lifetime. Quick-release, indestructible, and impossible to dent and crack, you’ll sleep well knowing your handgun is only a couple of seconds away.