The 5 Best Heated Socks for Hunting Season

No matter if you’re a hunter looking to keep your feet warm (very important!) or looking for some heated socks for your whole family for some wintertime fun in the snow or cold weather, we’ve got a list of the top 5 best heated socks.

best heated socks

My first time wearing heated socks was a game-changer. It was a cold November morning and the morning temps were stone cold out in the treestand with the wind blowing.

After about 8-10 times of going out into the woods, walking through knee-high snow with about 4 pairs of thick socks on under my boots, I’d had enough.

I had bought a pair of heated socks and I will NEVER look back because they were so incredibly comforting on a cold morning during a hunt. It made me realize just how important your feet are and how if you treat your feet right, your whole body will feel the difference.

So anyways, who cares about me! Let’s get into our top 5 picks for the best heated socks for hunting (or anything for that matter) below:

1. Heat Holders Thermal Socks

This practical piece of footwear is imported and originally manufactured by the Heat Holders company, well-known for their high-quality thermal products.

The material itself is made out of a newly-developed blend of fibers providing additional insulation against cold in any environment. This is especially handy in humid areas, where this material will show its great anti-moisture properties.

Also, the innovative knitting technology employed to make this product means that these socks will be able to hold more hot air over a longer period of time.


  • Material – acrylic blend
  • Made using an advanced knitting technology
  • Great moisture wicking properties


2. ThermaCell Heated Shoe Insoles

Now these are some nice heated insoles to keep your feet nice and warm.

What’s really great about the ThermaCell heated shoe insoles is that they’re rechargeable. It takes about 4 hours to completely charge them up and they even come with a remote control.


  • Rechargeable heated insoles
  • Trim down to fit any size shoe
  • Good reviews for a good product if you’re serious about keeping your feet nice and toasty


  • Cost varies based on what size you want but generally they’re kind of pricey at over $50 – but worth it!

3. Turtle Fur Electric Heated Socks

One of the more technically advanced solutions on this list comes in the shape of these battery-run thermal socks from Turtle Fur. These socks are freaking awesome!

It is made out of wool blend which provides 6-8 hours of warmth at a time. The battery pouch is included in the offer, but the batteries, unfortunately, are not. (It runs on “D” cell batteries)

They are great for sporting outdoors activities, such as fishing, hiking or hunting.


  • ¬†Made out of quality wool blend
  • ¬†Featuring padded and reinforced heel and toe


  • The batteries are not included

These are some of my favorites and the good news is that they come at a pretty good price and you’re getting really nice heated hunting socks for your money.

4. Heat Holders Heated Socks for Women

Now let’s not forget about the ladies now after seeing the list so far being dominated by heated socks for men.

Coming from the same company, these thermal socks are the official version for the ladies. The features are roughly the same as with the men’s socks, described above.

The recommendation for maintenance is to wash them in your washing machine (set on warm), and then simply hang dry them as you would your other clothes.

It is important to note that these socks should not be bleached, dry cleaned or ironed as this could damage the fine warmth-maintaining fibers. Also, make sure to remove any tags gently with scissors rather than ripping them.


  • Easily washable in your washing machine


  • You need to have fairly spacious boots if you want to wear them outside

5. Carex Bed Buddy Footies

Don’t judge me just yet for recommending “footies”. After all, we’re supposed to be big, tough, strong men here right?

How about after you come home from a hunt? What do you do then?

As someone that has had a toe surgery in the past, these Footies are the bee’s knees and feel amazing. Yes, it seems like they’re targeted towards women in their advertising but I swear you’ll throw away your old slippers after trying these once after a long day.

Coming from the US-based Carex Health Brands company, these thermal socks are made from 100% polyester, guaranteeing great heat-maintaining properties.

They are fairly universal as the one size provided by the manufacturer can fit almost anyone, from children to adults. If you have very big feet, however, you might want to look elsewhere


  • Material – 100% Polyester
  • Fragranced with clove, cinnamon, and eucalyptus
  • Almost everyone can wear them (except basketball players perhaps)


  • They can be too small for some people
  • You must never bring these anywhere near your hunting camp or buddies, EVER.

If you’re man-enough, or woman-enough, make sure to check these socks out sometime.

Which Heated Socks Are You Gonna Wear This Season?

We’ve presented some really good options for heated socks and any one of the recommendations above are going to serve you well.

If you’re a hunter looking for a good pair of heated socks (or hot socks as I like to call them) or just someone who walks in the snow or cold weather from time to time, these top picks are going to really help you this winter.