The 3 Best IDPA Approved Holsters You Should Check Out

If you’re an IDPA competition shooter looking for a solid holster, we’ve found some great options for you to consider. In this post, we’ve chosen some holsters that would be appropriate for IDPA competitor’s favorite guns including Glock and Sig.

the best idpa approved holsters

Let’s cut right to the chase with our top 3 best IDPA approved holsters below.

Blade Tech Industries Revolution Belt Holster for Glock 17 and 34

For right-handed shooters carrying a Glock into competition, this holster fits the top models. The holster is flat black, and it’s just as comfortable on or off the course. The material is a special polymer designed by Blade Tech for competition.

Every holster is IDPA approved, and comes pre-assembled in the #3 paddle position. Will adjust to fit belt sizes from 1.25 to 2.25 inches in width. Can be positioned for several different cants, including straight drop, FBI cant, or muzzle-forward. Both the paddle and the belt loop are fully adjustable. This is a great IDPA approved holster for Glock shooters, especially for the price.

The holster offers level 1 retention, but you can adjust it manually to suit your preferences. The temperature stable polymer will survive any temperature from 300 degree heat, to minus 30 conditions, and it will maintain it’s hold on your weapon just the same.

It doesn’t matter how harsh the environment or climate is, this holster will put up with just about anything, even a little bit of abuse. If you are looking for something that will double as a concealed carry holster, then I hope you plan on wearing a bulky coat over the top. This holster is designed for easy draw and open carry, so stuffing it under a t-shirt or tight-fitting sweater and expecting it not to print might be asking a bit too much.

Safariland Sig Sauer P250 9, 40, 45 6378 ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

If you are looking for something that will work on the course, but can also be used for concealed carry during other times, then this Safariland offering is in order.

Offered in models for either right or left handed carry, the ALS (Automated Locking System) will secure your weapon tightly when holstered. It remains locked in place, only to be released when you activate the thumb trigger, which doubles as an anti-theft device.

The design is injection molded and fits close to the body, making concealment easier for your full size Sig Sauer daily carry. The belt loop molding is 100% adjustable, and the holster itself is lined with suede to protect the finish on your slide from scratches in the bluing.

The cant is non-adjustable, so your weapon will lean slightly forward, the most popular configuration. It’s IDPA approved, so there’s no worry in that arena, and another benefit of the thumb lock is that your Sig will slide out easily once it’s free, for faster draws.

Will fit 1.5 to 1.75 inch belt widths, so even while it’s adjustable, the range doesn’t really cover too many different sizes. If you have a 2 inch belt, then you will have to use it as a standard paddle holster only, and it’s going to fit a little funny. However, it’s still a great holster and you may already know that Safariland holsters are synonymous with quality.

Blade Tech Industries Revolution Belt Fits Glock 34/35 Holster

Another blade tech holster, this one for Glock 34/35 models, this holster is constructed of the same kind of polymer as the other. A truly all-weather solution, but this isn’t a paddle holster. Despite the slim profile, it will hold your weapon securely to your belt without adding extra material or weight, and of course, it’s IDPA certified. Right handed use with this particular model.

It will fit belt sizes from 1.25 to 2.25 inches, and offers fully adjustable level 1 retention, and comes with the same 3 position cant adjust ability as the other model. It might look a little flimsy at first glance, but it holds well and does the job. Your firearm will be secure. No worries with this one.