Best Iron Sights For The Ar-15

How much do you care about accuracy? Get dead-shot aim with these best iron sights for the AR-15. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about what iron sights fit best for your unique iron sights ar15

Troy Flip Up set.

Iron sights are a necessity when the battery to that fancy optic dies.  In such a situation, having a set of durable, metal flip ups offers a sense of certainty: they just *feel* reliable: requiring no electricity yet functioning no matter what the situation.  Troy flip ups are kept upright by a strong spring that will not move unless the release button is pushed.  Recessed bolts clamp the sight bases to the rail without any protruding levers or knobs to catch on slings, clothing or brush, etc.  Sturdy ears protect the front post and rear aperture.  Adjustments are available in ¼ MOA.  Available in both top and offset mountings, Troy is ready to keep the rifle in play even if the batteries opt out.

Magpul Pro set

Magpul’s Pro sights are made of Melonite coated metal that offers just the right sense of dependability when it is employed: a reassurance that is comforting when the expensive optic decides to take a powder.  No need for special tools to adjust front sight elevation or rear sight windage, these sights understand that when it is time for them to be used it is because things have not necessarily gone according to plan: no fuss employment without any unnecessary bulk to block IR or laser sighting devices or to cast any awkward shadows from the light accessories.  When not in use, they have a low profile when folded: these are professional sights that are discrete when not needed and on point when required.  They are also available in top or offset mountings.

Magpul (MBUS) Back Up set

Perhaps the most common Magpul Back Up Sights, these polymer sights are ready to spring into action with the press of a button: any button, as they are accessible from right or left side.  Streamlined while folded away so to not snag. Rear sight has a dial adjustment for windage and offers two apertures nominally set 100 yards and 300 yards.  Meanwhile the front sight requires a tool (provided) for elevation adjustment.  They are quick and easy to use and at a price that will not eat up much of the ammo budget.  Available in all Magpul colors and used on multiple weapons beyond AR platforms.

ARMS Backup

Metal reinforced polymer flip ups by Atlantic Research Marketing Systems (ARMS) offers the best combination of light weight with sturdy construction.  Protective ears keep the sights zeroed in for instant deployment when necessary.  The rear sight uses a dual aperture for close quarters and long range shooting.  The Swan Family started this business in 1980 and has since been awarded over 100 patents for quality accessories dedicated to bringing civilians, law enforcement and veterans the best to update and customize personal weapons.

Yankee Hill QDS

Yankee Hill Machine offers multiple accessories for many weapon platforms and is a respected company for quality construction.  Their Quick Deployment Sights flip into action with the press of a button.  All aluminum construction keeps them very light weight yet it molded precisely to take a beating either while engaged or folded away.  Front sight elevation is adjustable with traditional AR adjustment tools and rear sight windage with a dial.  Rear sight also has two apertures for both short and long range shooting.  YHM has a reputation founded on being ready to go when you are, and these sights are the perfect representation of that philosophy.

Take Dead-Aim

When the battery on your fancy laser optic dies, rely on your favorite iron sights to put shots on target. While many iron sights have different possible adjustments, it’s all up to the personal preference of the owner. Don’t be afraid to try out a few before you settle on your favorite.