The Best Laser Sights for Sig P320

No matter if you have the compact or full size version of the Sig P320, to speed up your time to target, you’ll want a quality laser sight. We’ve reviewed lots of laser sights and even other lasers for Sig like the p938, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to buying a laser for the Sig P320.

best laser for sig p320


Here are the top laser sights for Sig P320 as selected by our experts:

ArmaLaser GTO Green Laser Sight

ArmaLaser’s GTO series laser is available in for P320 compacts and P320 full sized models for the Sig Sauer P320.  If you’re looking for a hands-down competition winning sight, this is the one to pick.  What makes this sight so much better than its peer group?  First, the laser is absurdly bright.  Its ultra-high fidelity 520nm green laser is activated automatically through a grip sensor or an easy access toggle button.

The grip sensor’s advantage is found in self-defense shooting situations.  The second the handgun is drawn, both the laser and accompanying light are turned on to give you full situational awareness while disorienting you attacker.  If you want to be able to draw your weapon without activating the light and laser, the sight has a toggle switch that deactivates this feature so that you do not accidently escalate an already tense situation.  The laser’s beam is partially diffused over the target area to increase ambient lighting and light up even the darkest spaces.

This sight is purpose and platform built.  This model only fits the Sig P320 and is fully adjustable for windage and range.  An easily replaced, inexpensive battery provides up to 2.3 hours of run time and lets competition shooters, range kings, and self-defense experts spend hours putting rounds on target.

Viridian X5L Green Laser and Tac Light

Considering a law enforcement grade tactical light and laser combo?  The Viridian X5L Green Laser and Tactical Light is a world class option that combines a ton of optical power in a very small package.  This is a purpose-built sight and it serves the needs of working professionals who need accurate and bright optics without the fuss of toggle switches or small buttons.  For shooters who are preparing to enter high stress fight-or-flight situations, tiny buttons are likely to be missed and may have deadly consequences.  Because it comes with the Instant-On feature that is only found on Viridian’s more expensive models, the X5L allows shooters to engage a preset switch that automatically turns the light and laser on the second the weapon is drawn from its holster.  It also has the option to engage the light, laser, or both with the press of a button if you plan on spending the day at the range and do not expect to need the rapid response of an automatically engaged sight system.

At this price point, it does not come as a surprise that this is a well-constructed sight that is fully adjustable, offers different brightness settings on the light, and offers strobes for both the laser and the light.  If you shoot hot rounds and don’t want to constantly readjust your sights, are looking for a high speed sight that will keep you on target at work, or just want a totally different night shooting experience, this is a product to seriously consider.

LaserMax Spartan SPS-C-G Adjustable Fit Laser/Light Combo Green Dot Sight

Interested in a laser sight that fits almost any handgun on the market?  The SPS-C-G attaches to any handgun that sports a minimal 1.75 inches of rail space and is big enough to absorb the scope’s larger footprint.  If you’re considering a solid scope that is built for a home defense handgun and has oversized activation buttons, this is a good choice at a highly competitive price.

The scope comes in red and green options with the green only being $40.00 more expensive than the red.  For self-defense shooters, the green light is extremely attractive and has the benefit of being able to light up darkened rooms without needing to resort to the light or strobe.  If preservation of night vision is essential, the intensity of the green dot sight is something you’ll come to seriously appreciate.

Unlike other sights that use highly specialized batteries, the SPS-C-G relies on easily found and replaced AAA batteries.  The only drawback for some shooters is that there is no grip activation on this sight.  Whether that’s truly a negative comes down to your shooting style and needs.