The Best Laser Sights for Ruger SR9c

The Ruger SR9c is a great value in a handgun. What will make it even better is a good laser sight. We’ve done the work for you in putting together a list of the best laser sights for Ruger SR9c handguns below.

laser sights for ruger sr9c

Which Color Laser for My SR9c?

In the world of laser sights, you basically have two choices of colors available (there are more but they’re not mainstream or affordable at the moment). Your options are either red or green laser sights.

We wrote a lengthy article about red vs. green laser sights a while ago if you want to get into detail but the jist of it is that green lasers are only slightly better while being a lot more expensive on average.

I like both colors and I think that both are good for both home and personal defense (and of course range time!). So the bottom line is to not worry about the color too much.

What to Look for in a Quality Laser for Your Ruger?

Well, you definitely want to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Quality construction of the laser sight
  • Brightness
  • Reliability
  • Usability or how easy the laser is to turn on and off
  • Battery life

Ok, so let me explain.

You want a laser sight for your Ruger SR9c to be made of decent polymer or aluminum parts. You also don’t want the thing to be rattling while its on the rail of your SR9c or turning off due to vibrations caused by the gun.

Brightness is another factor to consider. You need to be able to see the red or green dot in broad daylight fairly easily. This is something to focus on especially if you’re going to be using your Ruger SR9c as a carry gun. Most laser sights are measured in brightness by mW. 5mW is typically the most powerful laser sight that you can buy legally in most juristictions.

Again, you want your new laser sight to turn on and off when you need it. It also can’t be something that goes off on its own due to vibrations from shooting. This is where user reviews come in and we’ve researched those very heavily for this list of the best lasers for Ruger.

Usability is another key consideration for you to make when choosing a laser for your SR9c. Some laser sights operate on an “instinctive” on/off switch while others literally have an on/off switch. We’ll show you a few of both but if you’re serious about carrying your SR9c as an EDC weapon, make sure that you go for the instinctive lasers that turn on when you put your hand on the gun.

Battery life depends on the power rating of the laser as well as the color. Green lasers typically drain batteries much faster than red lasers do. It’s not like you’re going to be running your laser 24/7 but it’s something to think about.

Alright! Let’s get on to our list of the best lasers for the Ruger SR9c below:

1. Crimson Trace Railmaster Universal Red Laser Sight

It’s no secret that we love Crimson Trace over here on Gun Laser Guide. The Rail Master fits most any Picatinny rail (especially the SR9c’s rail) and features instinctive activation. This means that when you put your hand on the gun, the laser turns on. When you take your hand off, the laser goes off.

What’s crazy about this particular laser sight is that it’s so affordable at under $100. Dare we say it’s the best value in all laser sights right now?

2. Crimson Trace Laser Guard Laser for Ruger SR9c/SR40c

If you want a laser sight that is a little more custom tailored for your SR9c, this is it. It actually acts as a trigger guard and a laser sight all in one for one sleek package on your Ruger handgun.

Again, it features a bright red laser and has instinctive activation. It’s also easy to install, no need for any gunsmithing or having to pay someone to put it on for you. Price-wise, it’s really not bad either.

3. LaserMax Rail-Mounted Laser for SR9c

Another more “custom fit” option is the LaserMax rail mount laser sight. It looks like it belongs on the gun and was put there by the factory.

LaserMax is a great manufacturer of laser sights for many different guns including Glock, Sig and others so don’t be afraid to trust their products.

This particular model does have a physical activation switch which you may or may not like. After 10 minutes, your laser automatically turns off to save battery juice so that is a good feature.

It’s also very affordable at around $110 right now (lowest price available).

4. Viridian C5L-R for Ruger SR9c

Viridian is another very well known brand for quality laser sights. This model in particular features a red laser and it also includes a holster for you. The reason for the holster is that it will actually activate the laser when drawing your firearm from it. Some may dismiss this feature but it makes sense for CCW for sure.

5. Crimson Trace Rail Master Green Laser Sight

If you want one of the best green lasers for the Ruger SR9c, this is definitely it. It’s still affordable at under $120 and you’re getting a SUPER bright green laser made by a great company. It’s really reliable, fits nicely on your SR9c’s rail and won’t fail on you.

Similar to the red version, this green laser also has instinctive activation which is a big plus for CCW.

A Great Laser Sight for a Great Gun

When I first bought my SR9c, I couldn’t believe how nice it was for the price. A SR40c soon followed a few months later. I ended up equipping both my Rugers with ¬†Crimson Trace sights with no regrets.

If you choose one of the laser sights from this list, you should have no problems at all with your purchase.