Best Laser Sights For Ruger LCP

The Ruger LCP is a notoriously difficult gun to shoot: the sights are incredibly small, the trigger is very gritty, and the recoil is snappy.

This is why purchasing a high quality laser sight to install on your LCP can be a wise move: it will make it faster and easier for you to acquire your target in a life-or-death defensive situation.

Read on to find out more.

Crimson Trace Defender Series Laser Sight

The Crimson Trace Defender series laser light is a standout laser sight for the Ruger LCP, because it has the brightest beam allowed by the law, and it offers a great tap-on/tap-off push button system, with controls for immediate laser activation from either side of the unit.

best laser sights for ruger lcp

It features a class 3R red laser with a 5nW peak and 620-650nm. It is factory sighted at 50 ft. and has one 1/3N Battery included as part of the package, which is easuy to install.

ArmaLaser TR12G Designed for Ruger LCP II Green Laser Sight with Grip Activation

The ArmaLaser is specifically designed for the Ruger LCP II rather than the original version of the LCP. With an extremely bright green light(520nm), this grip activated sight is not just for the serious shooter, but is also designed for novices who are still learning.

For those concerned with daytime use, this is a superior sight to use than the red colored laser options. While some shooters due prefer red, it is simply not nearly as visible in daylight as green is. As an added bonus, you’ll like knowing that the ArmaLaser is manufactured here in the United States.

LaserMax CenterFire Laser (Red) CF-LCP For Use On Ruger LCP

The LaserMax Centerfire Red Light has a durable nylon reinforced body, and is also designed to be integrated directly into the frame of your LCP. This is a cool feature is it is easily programmable for a steady beam or it can be switched to a high-vis pulsed beam. This alone makes it more versatile than many other laser sights.

A great feature to save battery life on this model is it is accompanied with an automatic time-out

feature after ten minutes, something that many other laser sights on the market do not come with. The LaserMax is a class IIIA laser and has a tap on/tap off switch, making the user aware of safety features, which is always a plus.

Crimson Trace LG-431 Laserguard Red Laser Sight for Ruger LCP Pistols

The LG-431 has the brightest beam available for any LCP laser sight on the market with a 5mW peak at 620-650nm.

best ruger laser sights Some wonderful features that come with the LG-431 include: the front activation button engages the laser immediately when the firearm is held in a normal firing grip, a three year manufacturer warranty, and for better accuracy, the LG-431 is designed to be projected from underneath the muzzle of your pistol rather than from the side of the grip.

Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master Universal Green Laser Sight

This has a feature where you can receive free batteries for life, has many accessories available, and is considered very user friendly. The immediate laser activation is another great feature, for both sides of the unit. It stands out with the different types of modes including constant on, momentary, and strobe laser models.

The green light can bring peace of mind with defense, sport shooting, tactical, etc. This model

has a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Overall, the CMR-206 will be a solid performer for your LCP.

Do You Need A Laser Sight For Your Ruger LCP?

Is a laser sight required or necessary for your Ruger LCP? No, but it can still help to improve your shooting skills by making it easier for you to line up your sighs on your target.

The laser sights can help to assure confidence and they can also help teach a new shooter how to control the shot, bringing all the components of pulling the trigger together with ease. Keep in mind that the LCP is a notoriously difficult-to-shoot pistol due to its snappy recoil, minimalistic sights, and heavy, gritty trigger pull. A laser sight can help you to place more accurate shots.

Red lasers are the standard for an LCP laser sight, as most manufacturers who make laser sights for the LCP use red. Red is highly visible during the night, but less so during the daytime. It is also much easier to manufacture, and as a result is much cheaper for buyers.

Green lasers, on the other hand, are much more visible during the daytime with around a hundred yards being their maximum range. In contrast to this, red layers will usually have a maximum daytime range of around twenty five to thirty yards. Since most defensive situations will take place within this range, and since the LCP is a very short range pistol, a red laser will be sufficient for most carry uses. Nonetheless, some shooters prefer having the capabilities of the green laser, so it’s up to you what you want for yourself.


All in all, the five laser sights for your Ruger LCP that we have looked at here today represent the five very best options that you can get. If you want to make your LCP a more effective self-defense weapon, a laser sight will be a great way to go.