Best Laser Sights For Springfield Hellcat

Do you have a new Springfield Hellcat, or do you really want to purchase one? After all it’s one of hottest new pistols on the market. Whatever the case may be, laser sights for home defense or concealed carry will allow your Hellcat to be an even more effective defense weapon than it already is out of the box.

Here are the best laser sights for the Springfield Hellcat currently available:

Viridian Reactor 5 Generation 1 Red Laser Sight

Viridian is top of the class when it comes to tactical and defense laser sights. The Reactor 5 Generation 1 Red Laser Sight has a 635nm wave length, giving it the brightest and sharpest red laser targeting dot available. As a bonus, it also comes with a sleek Instant-on ECR holster.

best laser sight springfield

Known to be the world’s most visible red dot laser, the Reactor 5 laser beam activates when the weapon is drawn from the holster. It has 25 yards of visibility during the day, but up to 1 mile at night, with 12 hours of constant red laser time. The dual color low battery indicator is helpful, and as a whole the sight is lightweight and will not add much heftiness to your Hellcat.

ArmaLaser Green Laser w/ Grip Activation for Hellcat

ArmaLaser is currently putting out lots of high quality laser sights, like we featured in our post about the best laser sights for Glock. This particular laser is a perfect fit for the Springfield Hellcat.

Pros of the ArmaLaser include green laser sighting (much more visible than red), grip activation so the laser turns on without you needing to flip a switch and compact, trigger adaptable design that makes it look seamless while still being able to fit the gun in your IWB holster.

We like this one a lot, especially for the price point and great user reviews.

Crimson Trace LG-422 Green Laser Light

Right from the start when you hold your Hellcat in a normal firing position, the LG-422 Green Laster Sight will turn on due to a  feature allows for a front activation button to engage the laser immediately. This means that there will be no fumbling around with the laser sight and it will activate as soon as you draw the pistol.

The LG-422 is powered by a 1/3N Battery that is included as part of the package, and is built to the same level of quality that Crimson Trace is well known for.

Viridian Essential Laser Sight

The Viridian Essentail Laser Sight is an awesome sight that has a compact red tactical laser that makes use of a precise, advanced 650 nm wave length. As a whole, it has one of the brightest, visible, and most sharp red laser targeting dots available on the retail market.

best laser sights for springfield hellcat

The target acquisition is quick and precise, with a 5mW power output, and up to 6 hours of steady, constant red laser time. It also has a great 5 minute auto shut off feature, and as an added bonus, is made here in the Unite dStates.

Crimson Trace Laser Grip Sights for Hellcat

With the Crimson Trace Laser Grip Sights, the laser is emitted from the grip, not the front of the firearm. This is an outstanding feature for someone that is learning components of shooting, and just trying to put the pieces together.

Simply put, acquiring a target and being accurate are one in the same for this model. As with other Crimson Trace products, the rear activation button engages the laser immediately when the shooter is holding the pistol in normal firing position. It also features a master on/off switch.

Does Your Springfield Hellcat Really Need A Laser?

Among tactical groups and home defense advocates, you will hear people discussing laser sights often. But the one question circling around in your thoughts probably is “do I really need a laser sight for my pistol?”

This can be answered several ways, but the short answer is no, because a person can defend him or herself and be accurate with acquiring a target using iron sights provided by the factor.

What the laser sight does, however, is it simply allows for a very quick acquiring to the target, and can instantly signify to you where your shots will be placed, especially if you need to draw your pistol quickly and fire.

Red lasers have been out on the market longer, and require less technology than greenlights. However, they are ineffective during the day from more than 25 yards.

For home and tight quarters, a red light works well, but green lasers can be seen for over one hundred yards during the day, which makes them more effective as a whole. You will pay a higher price for a green laser, but if you have money to spend and want the best performance it will be a superior option overall.


Whichever sight you decide to go with for the Springfield Hellcat, take a look at these great options above and any of them will surely match what you are looking for in a laser sight.