Best Laser Sights for SIG Sauer P365

The SIG Sauer P365 is a pistol designed for two purposes: concealed carry and personal defense. With that in mind, one of the very best upgrades that you can make to the pistol right out of the box will be to install a laser sight on it. A laser sight can make it quick and easy for you to determine where you will need to place your shots in a life-or-death defensive situation.

Here are the best laser sights for the SIG Sauer P365:

Viridian Reactor 5 Generation 1 Red Laser Sight

The Viridian Reactor 5 red laser sight makes use of a red bright beam as your targeting dot. What’s more is that the light will activate as soon as you draw your P365 from its holster, meaning that you won’t need to fumble around with activating the sight yourself.

best laser sights for the sig sauer p365

The beam will be visible for up to one mile during the night, and twenty five yards during the day. The battery will last for twelve hours of constant use, and a low battery indicator will light up when it’s time to swap it out.

Crimson Trace LG-422 Green Laser Sight

Crimson Trace is one of the biggest names in the world of laser sights and they have an excellent reputation for quality. The LG-422 green laser sight is no exception, as this is currently the brightest green laser sight available on the market.

best laser sight sig

Even though the battery life is only four hours long, the LG-422 is very easy to install without any gunsmithing required, and is also fully adjustable for windage and elevation with a tool that is provided with the laser sight.

LaserTac TM Rechargeable Laser Sight

The LaserTac TM Rechargeable Laser Sight is a compact Class IIIa laser sight that is designed to fit on a number of different pistols with an accessory rail, including the SIG Sauer P365. As a fully adjustable laser sight, the LaserTac can be adjusted for both windage and elevation with a provided tool.

But perhaps the biggest benefit to the LaserTac is the fact that the battery is fully rechargeable, and it comes with a USB charging cable and a power adapter so you can easily recharge it anywhere.

ArmaLaser TR27 Ultra Bright Red Laser Sight

The ArmaLaser TR27 Ultra Bright Red Laser sight is a very bright 635nm red laser with a grip activation feature (all you need to do to activate the laser will be to grip the pistol). However, a kill switch is also present on the laser, so you don’t have to have the laser on when you draw the weapon.

best laser sight sig sauer

The ArmaLaser is also built out of the same DuPont Zytel polymer that most polymer framed pistols are made of, so it is very durable and can sustain a lot of abuse.

Do You Need A Laser Sight For Your SIG Sauer P365?

First and foremost, is a laser sight truly necessary for a defensive pistol? No, it is not. You can easily defend yourself with a handgun as it comes just out of the box. And if anything, you should absolutely practice drawing and shooting your concealed carry pistol with the normal iron sights.

Nonetheless, a laser sight can make target acquisition much easier, especially for more inexperienced shooters. Keep in mind, the primary purpose behind a laser sight is to create a visible colored dot on your intended target to show approximately where your bullets will be placed if you discharge the firearm.

Red vs. Green Laser for Your Sig P365

When choosing a laser sight, you will have to decide between a red laser and a green laser. Between the two, red lasers are cheaper to manufacture, and as a result they are almost always less money than green lasers. However, during the day, red lasers can usually only be seen up to thirty yards or so.

In contrast to this, green lasers can be visible up to one hundred yards during the day. However, green lasers also utilize a more advanced technology than red lasers do, and as a result they will almost always be more expensive than red. They are also more sensitive to temperature changes, and will be operational between forty and one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Red lasers are more durable, and also require less battery life than that of green lasers.

In short, red lasers are cheaper and more durable than green lasers and require less battery power, but they are also significantly less visible during daytime conditions, so a green laser will be more effective, and especially for shooting at longer distances beyond thirty yards.


Any one of the five laser sights that we have covered here today will be a suitable option for your SIG Sauer P365 9mm handgun. If you do install a laser on your pistol, remember that you will need to practice with it extensively just as you would if you were to use iron sights.