The 3 Best Laser Sights for Taurus PT111 G2

The Taurus PT111 G2 has become a hugely popular carry pistol and range toy mainly because it provides incredible value and it flat out performs great. If you want to soup it up a little bit, a capable laser sight will make it a great carry or home defense gun.

laser sight for taurus pt111

Below are our picks for the best laser sights for the Taurus PT111 G2:

ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 G2 GTO Green Laser Sight

Trying to pair a high-quality laser sight to your Taurus PT111?  If you’ve been looking for any amount of time, you’ve likely come across ArmaLaser’s product line time and time again.  The G2 GTO red laser sight is one of 30 different laser sights offered by ArmaLaser and is tailor made to fit the PT111 perfectly.  Ask anyone who has shot with this sight and you’re likely to hear exactly why it’s such a popular, widely purchased sight.

The first thing you’re going to notice about this sight is how snugly it fits onto the PT111.  It is tight on the rail and can take the punishment dished out by the hottest rounds without getting out of focus or off target!  Just how tight it clings to the pistol is really obvious after a long day’s shooting or whenever shooting at further targets.  The 635nm red laser is easily seen at a distance and is activated with a grip switch that will not disrupt your normal shooting stance.  You can focus on the target while holding the pistol as you normally would and activate the laser.  For added effect, pair the sight with the ArmaLaser custom holster.  Thanks to FLX technology, the sight will activate when you draw your pistol and turn off once inserted in your holster.

A made-in-America laser, the G2 GTO is also a great bet because it’s made of rock solid polymers.  The sight can take a drop or two without looking any worse for the wear.  Easily adjusted for windage and elevation, if you find yourself shooting that far, the laser is more accurate than you’ll ever be.  If you’re looking for an affordable laser sight that is commonly sold and is backed by a great warranty, the ArmaLaser G2 is going to be a tough product to beat for less than $150.

Viridian Essential Laser Sight for the Taurus PT111

Shooters looking for a made-in-America option that is lightweight, bright, and button activated should consider at the Viridian Essential Laser Sight.  Weighing in at about .78 ounces with the battery installed, the sight throws a bright red beam up to 25 yards away in daylight and up to a mile away at nighttime.  That range is unheard of for a red light optic.  The included battery is rated for up to six hours of continual use and will automatically shutoff after five minutes of operation to save your sighting system for when it matters most.

In terms of how the sight looks and feels, it is very similar to the Ruger factory installed laser sight for the LCP.  The sight is activated whenever a small button on either side of the sight is pressed.  Shooters interested in having the ability to draw their weapon without activating the laser sight would do well to consider this option.  Another big advantage?  This sight fights tight on the rail and is adjustable.

Viridian C5L-R Universal Laser Sight and Tac Light

As someone who appreciates a night shoot a little more than I probably should, I can’t understate how important a tactical light is for a defensive or competition handgun shooting.  Seeing what you shoot at and what is behind your target can make the difference between an enjoyable competition and a tragedy.  Viridian’s C5L is a serious contender for anyone who is thinking about breaking onto the competition stage with yout PT111.

What makes the C5L such a great system?  First, it’s incredibly easy and fast to mount.  No special tools or calibration is required to get the sight snug on the rail.  Once installed, the 100 Lumen light that features a 140 Lumen strobe option will light up your target area while the laser tells you where rounds will go on target.  The beauty of the C5L is found in its efficiency.  When set to pulse mode, a setting that is recommended for rapid target acquisition, the sight is expected to last some jaw-dropping 35 hours.  While the battery life drops to 75 minutes when both laser and light are operated together, that is still well above the industry standard and provides shooters a ton of target identifying time.

This sight fits well on the Taurus PT111 and other similarly sized handguns.  Because it’s so fast to install and remove, it is a really outstanding addition to any serious shooter’s inventory and adds a degree of versatile use that is hard to find elsewhere.  The only choice you really need to make is whether you want it in red or green. We personally recommend green for anything other than a range queen (see our article on red vs. green lasers).