The Best Laser Sights for Your Walther P22

We’re HUGE fans of the Walther P22. Walther’s most famous .22 caliber pistol is a dream to shoot and a lot of fun at the range. When you add a laser sight to the mix, things get a lot more fun.

That’s why we researched and tested several lasers for the Walther P22 to bring you our list of the best laser sights for this awesome pistol.

best laser for walther p22

All of the best laser sights for Walther P22 that we have listed below incorporate a couple things: value for the money, quality of the laser itself and size. These are the key ingredients to finding the absolute best laser sight for your P22.

Ok, enough with the intro. Let’s get to our top picks below.

Beileshi Red Dot Laser Sight

If you are looking for something cheap, fast, and easy, then this laser sight from Beileshi might be right up your alley. At less than $20, this sight is a steal, and plenty sturdy enough for a 22LR pistol like the Walther P22.

Adjustable for windage and elevation, this is as simple as it gets when it comes to laser solutions. Slide it on the picatinny rail of your Walther, sight in, and you are ready to go. The case for it is constructed from aluminum alloy with an anti-reflective coating. It includes anti-vibration construction that is shock resistant and weather-proof. Just don’t expect it to be a $200 laser. Still, for what it is, it’s a cheap solution that gets the job done. Simple as that.

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Micro 160 Lumens QD CREE LED Light Flashlight & Red Dot Laser Sight

This micro-compact design from Ultimate Arms is a laser and flashlight combo that is fit for any small-arms platform. The shortness of the weaver-picatinny rails make it perfect for application on smaller side-arms like the P22. It’s shockproof, constructed of T6061 aluminum alloy and coated with a matte black finish without any excessive lettering or branding to marr up the finish. The flashlight and laser operate independently of one another.

The laser is only an inch long and boasts a 5mW red light that prints a 2mm dot at 30 feet. The light is a powerful 160 lumen flashlight. Not the brightest light out there, for sure, but when you consider the whole package comes to about 1.4 ounces, this isn’t a bad solution, for your Walther or any other pistol you might want to mount it on.

Green Pistol Laser Sight for Walther P22

It’s sturdy, it’s small, and it’s green. This little rail mounted laser will add a lot of versatility to your weapon, and actually has room for a decently sized battery that will keep it running longer. Trinity constructed this laser from aircraft aluminum. Made for weapons of all sizes, it will accent the Walther P22 very nicely.

The beam is a 5mW 532nm laser that is super bright, even at 100 yards during the daytime. One downside to this model is the added weight. At 2.3 ounces, that wonderful battery weighs down the nose of your pistol, but that may come in handy for reducing mussel jump. The switch is a pushbutton accessible for either rightys or leftys.

For the price, this one is really nice. As we talked about in our red vs. green laser article, green laser sights like this one are really good for carry guns because they’re easier to see during the day. In this case, the green color just looks cool (considering most aren’t carrying a .22 as a carry gun).

Ade Advanced Optics Green Pistol Laser

This is a slightly lower cost option for a sturdy green laser with a big CR2 battery that will fit nicely on your Walther P22, and it comes with the benefit of a strobe function.

The pressure switch is very light, so a tap will do the trick. It might look a little bulky on the end of your 22, and it is a bit heavy, coming in at a total weight of 2.3 ounces with the battery. That extra bulk appears to be from a thicker material from which this laser sight is constructed. It also comes with a battery, hex keys, a gift box, and a detachable wire cable switch. This is probably the best value laser on this list.


Walther Laser for P22

If you are looking for the perfect laser solution to fit your particular weapon, why not go straight to the manufacturer? Walther realized that laser sights would be a popular option on the P22 and decided to cut out the middle man, and make the laser themselves. The result was this wonderful Walther-branded bridge mount black laser.

It doesn’t look super fancy, and it doesn’t come with a gift box, but it matches the design of the P22 and carries the same trademark. It comes in flat black with a serial number on the side. The best parts of this sight are that it’s robust, and it’s designed specially for your pistol. It also comes at a pretty reasonable price.