Best Night Vision Goggles

During the later months of the year, shorter daytime light oftentimes forces shooters to call it quits earlier in the day. With these night vision goggles, you’ll be versatile in all seasons, daytime or night. Learn more below about the best night vision goggles for shooting.

best night vision goggles

Solomark Night Vision Monocular

For those looking for unparalleled observation capabilities in pitch-black scenarios, the Solomark Night Vision Monocular headset is the perfect fit for the job. The Solomark Night Vision Monocular’s high sensitivity sensor enables it to provide true-to-life details without rendering the entire headset fragile and in need of cautious handling. Priced at a competitive $129.99, this affordable headset can be mounted on a tripod or easily linked to a binocular harness for when you need to take it on the go. This modern looking monocular set has excellent long-range vision, especially for its immensely competitive price.

Coming with a two-year limited warranty, the Solomark Night Vision Monocular headset has an integrated color LCD-screen that lets you peer up to 100 meters into the howling darkness. What’s more, the incredible headset comes equipped with the ability to take photos and videos with a few clicks of a button. Excellent for either making memories or just trying to get a better understanding of your surroundings, the camera and video options make this a popular choice for tech-savvy consumers. Easily enabling you to digitally transfer any photos or videos you take, the Solomark Night Vision Monocular is excellent for hunters looking to record their outings and individuals looking to protect their property alike.

FireField FF24066 Night Vision Monocular Nightfall 2 5X50

Equipped with an easy-grip design and a light frame that offers incomparable mobility, the FireField Nightfall 2 is one of the smallest yet one of the most potent night vision goggle options available on the market today. Weighing a mere 15.2 ounces, this incredibly mobile monocular night vision set is perfect for stealthy hunters or those looking for a small, handy gadget that can be easily stowed away in a secure bag or case. Coming in at $132.99, its high-quality image resolution and large objective lens will guarantee that you don’t miss a thing even when confronted with the darkest of conditions.

While it lacks a head-mounted option, this piece is explicitly designed for consumers looking for something sleek and cautious that can be easily put away when the need arises. Small and incredibly easy to use, this night vision option is one of the most popular for consumers looking for a first-time purchase that’s not too complicated, and its simple features are visible right on the top of the scope. General observation, nighttime hunting, and search efforts will be made a breeze with the help of this ergonomically designed Nightfall monocular piece.

Pulsar PL75095 Edge Gs Super Night Vision 1+ 1×20 Goggles

For consumers looking for a classic night vision goggles set that won’t disappoint comes the Pulsar PL75095 Edge Gs Super Night Vision model, which comfortably fits the head and enables look-around vision that’s virtually unparalleled in the marketplace. With 50 hours of battery life, this headset won’t have to leave your noggin for days at a time while you peer into the misty darkness, and with its lack of magnification it provides perfect user orientation for on-the-go mobility. At $717.90, this headset is one of the most elite options available to consumers today outside of high-grade precision options.

With control elements located at the top of the device so that it can be easily adjusted even when in use, the Pulsar Super Night Vision Goggles are convenient and professional at the same time. With a weight of 0.65 kg, it won’t weigh you down too much as you try to gain awareness of your surroundings in pitch-black scenarios. The accompanying head mount makes the wearing of these Pulsar Goggles an easy feat, and the fact that its powered with simple AAA batteries means you won’t have to bend over backwards to recharge it when the 50-hour battery runs low.

Take a Shot In the Dark

Whether you’re a night-time shooter or outdoor adventurer, you can’t always trust the moonlight to be strong. In tactical situations, a flashlight can easily give away a position. In this article, you’ll find a great night vision goggle setup you can trust for the long term.