Best Pocket Knives For Everyday Use

Knowing about pocket knives before you buy is critical. For something that’s going to stay in your pocket all day, you’ll want to take some of these key points into consideration. Below you’ll find the top 5 best pocket knives that’ll fit comfortably on you.

best pocket knives


American made and lifetime warrantied, Benchmade knives come in a wide array of styles and actions.  Lifetime warranties come with purchase as does free sharpening and maintenance services when purchased from a licensed Benchmade dealer.  The most popular knife in their considerable line is their Griptilian model.  Available in a variety of G10 grip colors with a reversible belt clip for custom storage.  It is offered in a variety of blade types such as drop point, sheepsfoot or tanto.  The Axis lock is capable of quick and solid deployment for easy one hand opening and closing while in the middle of work.  With a free repair and sharpening service, that is free with purchase, the worst thing that can happen to a Benchmade is to lose it: everything else is covered.


Kershaw is another provider of outdoor tools that offers lifetime warranty against defect along with a free sharpening service.  They offer a wide variety of utility pocket folders, but a good example of what they present is the Brawler: a strong tanto blade with black glass filled nylon scale grip panels.  Four position reversible and inverted clip mountings allow for a wide array of storage options.  Assisted opening is great for one handed deployment, though the internal liner lock requires both hands for folding away. Kershaw has always offered quality and utility with a solid reputation at a price that does not inspire palpitations.


Gerber has made a name for itself with pocket and folding tools for everyone from utility workers to backpackers and survivalists.  The Contrast AO offers style and utility in one small package, with a reversable belt clip of easy mounting.  The Assisted Opening 2.0 offers single hand use for getting into action without having to let go of whatever needs cutting.  Gerber offers good quality and construction in an attractive package that is just as serviceable as it is fetching.  G10 handle scales offer surety of grip in damp environments or for use with gloves.  Additionally, the scales are unaffected by temperatures.


The classics never really do go out of style.  Case Lock Back knives offer a style and sense that transcends generations and make great gifts as well as being a serviceable tool for use in the field or on the job.  Different sized knives are available with various blade styles.  Their Small Lockback comes in a variety of handle skins, but offer the same reliable drop point knife and edge that has made the company almost synonymous with the identity of “pocket knife.”  Still made in Bradford, Pennsylvania, Case knives are the epitome of a gentlemen’s folding companion, on hand for whittling, cutting or even defense if necessary while offering a presentation of a fine accessory for the responsible individual.


Smith & Wesson has lent its name to the folding and utility knife market with a wide variety of different types of blade and folding action styles.  Some are downright intricate, making an effort to appear high tech when simplicity of a tool usually serves better.  Thankfully, the line does offer a few well designed pieces that are suitable for law enforcement and EMT use, and so are good for anyone looking for a good companion blade to keep handy.  One example is the SWAT Magic assisted opener.  A simple drop point blade that has a quick easy deployment capability.  Available in at least three sizes, the belt clip is easily mounted on either side for right or left handed users.  Grip inserts provide easy traction even when wet, and a lanyard mount is available for additional security.  It offers a handy tool with a name of traditional value.

Best Pocket Knives Built to Last

Nothing beats the classic utility of a good-quality pocket knife. Instead of breaking your nails trying to fiddle with a multi-tools’ tiny knife, trust one of these quick access handy pocket knives that are more than enough to get the job done.