The Best Range Bags

For those who have been into shooting for some time, a good range bag is likely to be one of their most treasured pieces of kit. Depending on your needs and what you plan on doing on a particular day, a quality range bag can keep you organized and doing things that you’d rather be doing than looking for a battery in the bottom of a bag.

In this piece, we’re going to cover ten of the best range bags on the market today. We’re not going to recommend any one of them as the best: instead, we think each of these bags has a purpose and we expect many of you to end up picking up more than one.

best range bag

While these bags are different from one another, there are a few things we look for in a good bag more generally. First, the materials have to be up to snuff for the task at hand. Second, the bag has to fit the mission and be helpful to it. Finally, it’s important to remember the context: not every bag is right for every situation.

With that in mind, we’ll cover each of these bags along those three dimensions and recommend them to you as alternatives to help you get things done.

Our Top 10 Best Range Bags

TRYBE Tactical Range Bag

To kick things off, this offering from Trybe Tactical is likely what you think of in terms of range bags: it’s a durable, black fabric bag with enough from for several handguns, or, if you’re shooting a rifle, all of the cleaning supplies and accessories that you could possibly need for a day at the range.

A few smart features help this bag stand out among the crowd. First, the zippers are metal and of good quality: this is the point where a lot of bags fail and we don’t expect these to. Additionally, the shoulder strap is padded, which saves your shoulder for recoil later. The addition of a water bottle compartment on the outside of the bag is also a thoughtful touch that adds to the practicality of this bag.

This would be an excellent range bag for those looking for an all-around good bag to take to and from the rage. A bag like this one can be a home for all of your ammo, gun cleaning supplies, and anything else you’d need for a day at the range: just grab it and head on out.

NcSTAR Vism Range Bag

A more budget-conscious option is this one by NcStar. Even at this price, the materials are good: the body of the bag is canvas with metal zippers and hardware on the strap. This bag is likely to last you years.

It’s also a feature-rich bag. There’s a bottle holder as well as zippered compartments for smaller tools and gear, in addition to the large main compartment. One thing we like is the MOLLE webbing on one side to attach even more gear. That would be an awesome place for a first aid kit or the storage of gear you want to get to quickly.

This bag would be ideal for people who are just getting into shooting, usually young people on a budget who still want a lot of use out of the gear that they have. Additionally, it would make an excellent gift for someone you know is into shooting.

Voodoo Tactical Compact Scorpion Range Bag

Good range bags can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and this one is proof of that. More resembling a briefcase in its design, this one by Voodoo tactical is ideal for people who are taking a single handgun to the range and don’t want to lug around one of the larger offerings.

This bag, made of durable nylon and coming in a few colors, also comes with a carry handle and strap, making this as much a messenger bag as it is a dedicated firearms bag. The main compartment could easily fit a full-size handgun in its own case as well as spare magazines. From there, the side compartments can fit a pistol cleaning kit, extra ammo, and tools.

Overall, this bag is a great choice for handgun shooters who like to keep their gear to a minimum and want to make their range sessions hassle-free. It’s also a subtle enough bag that you could likely carry it around in public without getting too much attention if such a thing is your goal.

GPS Wild About Hunting Tactical Range Backpack

For a distinctly more tactical-looking bag in a pack format, this one from GPS is an excellent option. Coming in both tan and black, this nylon bag is Teflon coated to keep dirt and grime to a minimum.

Far from being an ordinary backpack with some MOLLE on it, this one has a large compartment that comes with three handgun cases inside: that makes this an ideal range bag for someone who is a serious handgun shooter. It’s not just a backpack, it’s a whole gun storage and transportation system.

From there, the other pockets give you more than enough room for tools, ammo, and other things you might need at the range. The inclusion of a rain cover is also thoughtful and shows that the folks at GPS thought through every aspect of the design of this bag. This backpack is a great choice for people who take their range sessions seriously and want professional-level gear.

Outdoors Products Tactical AR Case

There’s nothing that marks someone as a new shooter quite like being the guy who brings his AR to the range in the box it shipped in. Instead, go with something like this AR bag from GPS. It’s a heavy-duty nylon bag that can fit various sizes of AR and comes in several colors, so you can choose the bag that works well for you.

In terms of features, a few stand out. It’s got YKK zippers which will likely stand the test of time, as well as outside pockets for four additional magazines as well as tools. Add in the MOLLE webbing and carry handle, and this is a deeply practical bag for rifle shooters.

This bag would be ideal for someone who wants to take an AR to an outdoor range and keep all of your tools with you, as well as some spare magazines. That way, there’s no need to go back to the car to get the cleaning kit and you can take care of things right there at the bench before heading home.

Primary Arms Tactical Shoulder Bag

Not every range trip has to involve thousands of rounds or half a dozen different guns. Sometimes you just want to brush up your skills with your carry gun or take out an old favorite handgun. To keep things light, this shoulder bag from Primary Arms is perfect.

Made out of durable fabric, this bag is big enough for a handgun, some extra magazines, some simple tools, and a water bottle. Pop it over your shoulder and get out of the door.

Aside from being a range bag, with padded shoulder bags, this might be a decent bag for off-body carry if that’s a means of concealed carry that you practice. While it still looks distinctly tactical, this shoulder bag would not look out of place in a lot of areas of the country as a shoulder bag for men or women in public.

Evolution Outdoor Rawhide Series Waxed Canvas Case

Some firearms demand a level of respect. For instance, an over-under shotgun or an heirloom hunting rifle just don’t look quite right in a black nylon bag. For those guns, this waxed canvas case from Evolution Outdoor is perfect.

The case itself is made of high-quality waxed canvas with leather accents. Inside, there’s a flannel lining that makes the whole case scream class and old-school hunting firearms. In many ways, this is the antithesis of the tactically focused design of most of the range bags out there today, but that’s exactly this bag’s charm. If you want an old-school quality rifle or shotgun case, this is the way to go.

The waxed canvas is a water-resistant and practical choice that will keep your firearm dry in the main compartment, as well as any small tools or ammunition you put in the secondary compartment. This case is ideal for people with a sense of style who still demand substance out of their gear.

VISM Pistol Case Range Bag Insert

Technically this is not a range bag, but it is an important accessory if you have a bag already and wish it had more pistol inserts. This is a padded case that can fit one full-size handgun and if you make room, a few magazines.

Once inside, zip up the handgun, and then you can safely toss it inside of whatever bag you happen to be using. This is handy in the case that you have an existing range bag that doesn’t have pre-installed pistol inserts, as is often the case with cheaper range bags. We’re fans of using the gear that you already have, and being able to add a capability to an existing bag for relatively little money is something we like.

Also, you can use these to store firearms more generally. For instance, if you want to keep a special gun from collecting dust or scratches in a safe, one of these is a great solution. In fact, at these reasonable prices, picking one up for each handgun in your collection makes a fair bit of sense.

Condor Utility Shoulder Bag

Over the years, we can amass quite the collection of miscellaneous gear: cleaning kits, solvents, rags, holsters, batteries. The list can go on for a while, but you get the point. Sometimes you need a bag to contain all of that stuff and keep it handy where you need it.

This utility bag by Condor does the job nicely: it’s a squarish bag that comes with MOLLE webbing and a shoulder strap, and it can hold a lot of stuff. If you add one of the handgun inserts we also recommend, this can be used as an all-in-one range bag.

As it ships, this bag would be ideal for people who want to keep all of their gear for a set purpose in one convenient place. For instance, we would use this for tools so that we can keep it in the car at the range and be able to address most problems we may run into.

11 Tactical Urban Sniper Bag

For a lot of us, taking two long guns to the range is kind of a challenge. Luckily, 5.11 has thought of that and makes this bag that’s meant to help with just that. In the main compartment of the rifle bag, there’s a divider: on either side of it, you can strap in a rifle or shotgun that will remain in place so you can get to either of them without removing the other.

This durable bag is also water-resistant and can be converted in just a few seconds into a shooting mat. This makes it ideal for people who want to take a few guns out to do some long-range shooting from a prone position, but don’t want to have to bring a separate bag containing a mat. Overall, this is a dedicated piece of kit for rifle shooters that we can’t recommend enough.

Find The Best Range Bag That Fits Your Needs and Budget

As we’ve shown in this piece, range bags come in all shapes and sizes, and we can’t recommend any one of them over the others. Depending on your needs and budget, you can pick up one, or a few, of these bags to be well outfitted to get your firearms to and from the range with all of the other tools and gear that you might need. In each bag, we also recommend popping in some cheap earplugs and safety glasses so that you’re never tempted to shoot without them.