The Best Rifle Shooting Mats for Your Money

Whether you’re out in the field hunting game or just out on a range trip, a quality rifle shooting mat can do wonders for your comfort and rifle accuracy.

best rifle shooting mat

When choosing the best rifle shooting mat, you need to consider size, durability and most importantly, comfort. We took a hard look at many different rifle shooting mats on the market and narrowed it down.

Enough talk, let’s get right into our list of the best rifle shooting mats below:

Voodoo Tactical Roll Up Shooter’s Mat

A good quality product is going to cost a little more. This padded mat will make your prone shooting more comfortable by including quilted sections of padding. It’s all baffled to keep the pad material from bunching up at one end of the mat. Quite simply, it’s a dry, comfortable place to shoot from.

It rolls up, and it’s lightweight, making it easy to carry, whether it’s into the woods or down to the local outdoor range. Rolls up just like a sleeping bag, with quick release buckles. The mat size is 48 inches at the widest point, and 69 inches long, which means it might be a little short if you are looking to put your feet on it. It rolls into an 8×20 inch tube, and weighs about five pounds.

Voodoo Tactical makes some high quality stuff for the price and this rifle shooting mat is a winner for most people as you can see in the reviews here.

Boyt Harness Bob Allen Tactical Shooting Mat for Rifles

A simple mat designed to solve a simple problem. The mat is coated with a water resistant formula to keep you dry on damp grass. It rolls into a neat tube, and has a shoulder sling (which can double as a rifle sling, it’s quite nice) for easy carry. The whole mat is constructed from poly webbing wrapped around a type of closed cell foam, and the surface of it is designed to be non-slip. Unrolled, it’s 27 inches by 85 inches, giving even the tallest shooters plenty of room. No more wet pant legs. The best part about this on is the price.

It’s one of the lower cost options on the market, and let’s face it, the purpose of a mat is to keep you dry and comfortable, not to drain your wallet. It’s also a good bargain, probably the best on this list, unless you are looking for some specific feature that it lacks, like elbow wings.

MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat

Mid range cost, and high durability polyester performance. The corners are adorned with grommets that allow you to stake it down to keep the wind from interfering with your shot, or bubbling up under muzzle blast. It comes standard with a handle and shoulder strap, and it fits the bill for High Power and CMP rifle matches, as well as smallbore competitions.

MidwayUSA designed this mat specifically for competition shooting, but it will serve you just as well in the field, which is one reason that you will see several of them at every shooting competition you attend. It may not have as much cushion as other mats, but the dense fabric is at least enough to keep brushy thorns from poking you in the field. It weighs about 6.2 pounds.

Elkton Outdoors Tactical Gun Shooting Bag With Built In Shooting Mat

This is probably the coolest thing that I’ve seen in a while. A shooting mat that doubles as a soft rifle case. It has all of the wonderful rifle case accessories that you are looking for, including suitcase-style handle, shoulder strap, and even straps for backpack carry. And the price is great, either for a mat or a rifle case. Now, it’s not one of the best cases for an AR-15 but it is a decent enough rifle case.

It will accommodate multiple firearms, and it’s constructed of durable PVC Nylon and pockets. The down side is that it’s a little small, even unfolded. Your feet will likely be danging off the end, but you can solve that issue by keeping a separate heavy blanket inside.

The case dimensions measure 42x3x15, which will accommodate most rifles, and there are pockets on the outside. It’s definitely designed as a case first, but the dual-usage makes it perfect for any hunting trip. If you need a two for one rifle case and shooting mat, this one may be just the ticket.

So What’s The Best Rifle Shooting Mat?

Well, that depends on exactly what you’re looking for and what you’ll be using it for. Keep an eye out for the right size for you, the shooter and also the material used, durability and also the portability of the mat (nobody wants more clutter, especially the wife!).

There are lots of great deals to be had online and when shopping online for a shooting mat, you’ve got to take a look at and trust the reviews. Check out our top picks above and see if any of the rifle shooting mats we listed fit your needs.