The Best SCCY CPX2 Holsters

When choosing a holster, it is tempting to low ball it, especially when you are not sure what is comfortable or actually useful.  Many of the affordable IWB holsters for the SCCY pistols will look alike with a simple pocket and clip for the waist.  These will serve better than putting the gun literally into a pocket, but special attention should be given to the strength of the clip: will the holster come out of your pants with the gun, and the material: will it give unnecessary wear to your firearm, and how easy will it be to replace the gun one handed without having to fumble pulling out your waistband and adjusting whatever.

sccy cpx2 holster

Certainly, you should not have to pay as much as the gun for a holster – if you do you’d better love it – but lowballing to the point of the holster being more trouble than it is worth is the fate of many discarded holsters in a gun closet.

Garrison Grip

The Inside Waist Band (IWB) poly woven sling holster by Garrison Grip is an example of the many weave holsters available on the market.  Most of them are ambidextrous and light weight.  Their advantages are the soft material tends to sit comfortably no matter how it is worn, and by virtue of the multiple mounting points, the holster can be set up cross draw or small of back as well as either hand that is dominant.  The versatility of these style holsters along with their affordability make them very popular for use with cost effective firearms like the CPX models.

Cytac Kydex IWB

For the price, the Kydex IWB holster by Cytac offers a lot of value.  An adjustable retention screw provides positive retention of your firearm, even after wear from repetitive draw and re-holstering of the weapon.  The fixed form is appreciable for easy return of the firearm to the holster: it does not collapse when the gun is removed.

Fobus TAM

Similarly, the TAM model by Fobus.  A popular and affordable product line with competitors and law enforcement, Fobus offers the rigid form fit for ease of reholstering your weapon, but also in paddle, belt and roto belt attachments for multiple mounting options.  For CCW applications, these lines are more suitable to colder climates or times of the year when bulky clothes are the norm, as they are not very slim.  But they are very robust and capable of taking abuse.

Foxx Holsters

Hybrid holsters, such as Foxx’s tuckable, has more mass, but uses soft material where it comes into contact with your body and a kydex mold for the firearm: this as the benefit of using the rigid plastic around the trigger guard instead of anything softer that may bend and catch the trigger while holstering the weapon.  Multiple mounting points also allow for some customization of how to carry: a concern if you are often sitting or standing and walking while carrying your firearm.

Galloway Holster for SCCY CPX2

SCCY firearms are attractive for their cost and reliability, but they are also proud of their variety of colors, and judging by the commercial success, they have reason to be.  Galloway has followed suit and offers their holsters in an assortment of available colors to compliment the colors SCCY pistols come in.  Despite this aesthetic effort, the simplistic design is geared towards concealability with a strong waist clip and adjustable tension screw for custom fitting.