Best Scent Killers

You might think you smell like the outdoors, but the game you’re looking to hunt is already a step ahead of you. With these best scent killers, you’ll eradicate human scent, giving you an edge when looking to get up close and personal with your target.

best scent killers

Scent Killer 1259 Wildlife Research Gold 24/24 Combo (48 oz.)

For hunters who need to be totally assured that their scent has been completely eradicated before they venture out into their familiar stomping grounds comes Scent Killer’s 1259 Wildlife Research Gold 24/24 Combo option. This fantastic product sells for a reasonably low price for every 48 ounces and is tailor-made for boot bottoms and outdoor clothing. The hunt dry technology relied upon by the brand means you can spray your desired clothing articles or equipment pieces days or literally even weeks ahead of time and still find it to be deeply impactful.

Perfect for fooling the nose of a white-tailed deer, this product’s easy to manage spray bottle or capable 24 fluid ounce option are easy to store away until you need them for the big hunt.

Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit

A true value kit when it comes to eliminating odor for hunting purposes, consumers could do much worse than the excellent offering of the Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit. By eliminating an exceptionally broad spectrum of odors, this scent killer guarantees you can go on the prowl without having to worry about giving away your location to potential prey. Completely skin safe and entirely free of harsh or damaging chemicals, you can also rest assured that this product doesn’t contain fancy antimicrobials that do little other than give you an unpleasant chemical sensation and a higher cost.

This exceptional 10-piece kit is available as a one-pack, despite the fact that its offering includes laundry detergent, field spray, refills, paint-face kits and more. This wondrously economical option is fantastic for aspiring gunowners or veteran hunters who plan to spend plenty of time outdoors and need large amounts of scent killer to get the job done properly.

Hunters Specialties Fresh Earth Cover Scent Wafers

These non-traditional scent killers are still incredibly impactful; Hunters Specialties Fresh Earth Cover scent wafers come in packs of three that give you pure, concentrated scents to pierce through the local environment and totally blind your prey. At an incredibly competitive price, this product is one of the most cost-effective scent killers available on the market today, and its long-lasting wafers come with eight different scents, so you can conquer a wide array of disparate situations.

With the wafer itself being the most important part of this product, you can generate an incredibly potent scent killer just by popping one out of its storage container. Naturally re-moisturizing and refreshing themselves when they’re in their storage containers, these scent wafers can be easily pinned directly to your clothing or affixed to nearby tree branches, helping you cloak an entire area.

Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way Max Bar Soap

For hunters who need a handy tool after a long day outdoors comes Hunters Specialties Scent-A-Way Max Bar Soap, an incredibly affordable scent killer perfect for washing up after a long day. This HS 07757 saw antibacterial bar of soap features a high-quality odorless scent that helps you eliminate the nasty remnants of a long day when you’re just trying to relax. At an immensely affordable price, it’s also easy to afford a replacement after you get countless wash sessions from your first bar.

Neutralizing human odors before or after you go afield, this reliable bar of soap contains natural vegetable proteins and aloe vera to help guarantee it’s not harsh on your skin. This completely all-natural bar won’t harm the environment, either, so you don’t have to worry about the consequences of losing it when venturing into the wild. For hunters who need a simple scent killer, this bar of soap is a great and very easily affordable beginning tool.

Scent Killers

Whether you opt for scent killing soap, spray, or aromatics, make sure you know how long the scent killer should last before going out. Scent killer is a must for any type of outdoor hunting, especially during windy conditions.