The Best Scopes for 17HMR

Looking for the best scope for your 17HMR rifle? In this post, we researched and evaluated several of the top scopes for your 17HMR rifle that are the most durable, top performing and accurate.

The 17hmr cartridge is really a blast to shoot, especially at distance. That’s why you need a decent scope to go with your 17hmr rifle so you can have a blast on range day (pun intended).

best 17hmr scope

In this post, we show the results of rigorous research and reviews of the best scopes for 17HMR.

Let’s get started below with our top scopes for 17hmr:

BSA 3-12X40 Sweet 17HMR Rifle Scope

BSA has been making rimfire rifle scopes for a long time. They typically aren’t seen on high power rifles but work well at providing a quality optic for low-kick options, and generally offer a good value. So why is this one so pricey? The answer is found with a close look at the optical system.

Fully multi-coated optics are expensive for manufacturers. If you really love your 17HMR, you want to top it off with good glass, and you want that glass for a good price, this is the scope to go with. The 40mm objective gives you plenty of light for any conditions, as long as the zoom is set to the conditions. Most shooters don’t care about 10+ magnification when hunting at dusk. At the range, you crank up the magnification to fine tune your shooting.

The scope is calibrated specifically for 17 and 20 grain bullets from an HMR case, giving you the best precision for long shots from this tiny round. It also has a long eye relief.

For the money, you really can’t go wrong with this outstanding 17hmr scope.

BSA 6-18X40 Sweet 17 Rifle Scope

When it comes to target shooting, high magnification is a benefit, and this is another BSA scope with many of the same qualities as the lower magnification model, but they’ve dialed it up to 6-18x, with no increase in objective size. Not a huge deal, as a 2mm exit pupil is plenty for daylight shooting, specially when punching paper. You will notice some dimming of the sight picture though, despite the fully multi-coated optics.

They’ve also maintained a four inch eye relief, as in the other model. If you are looking for target shooting glass, this is probably what you want, and will aide you in popping pests at long range.

BARSKA 6-18×40 AO Hot Magnum .17 And .22 Interchangeable 30/30 Riflescope

6-18x is a common magnification range for 17 HMR scopes, probably because the round is praised so highly for it’s flat trajectory and ability to punch small groups at up to 300 yards.

The 40mm objective is multi-coated, and the reticle is a simple crosshair design. You can dial the turret for different ranges and even different rifles by marking it yourself, and seems to work very well, but it tightens down with an allen screw, which might be a bit too much work if you are ridding your property of pests.

The scope provides a clear picture and decent eye relief. Overall though, a solid scope design that’s worth a look.

Simmons 8-Point Truplex Reticle Riflescope

If you aren’t worried about impressing your buddies at 300 yard ranges, or just aren’t a fan of super high magnifications, this 3-9x scope from Simmons will give you plenty of hunting power on a budget, and keep you punching paper at your normal ranges.

The optics are coated, but not fully multi-coated. Still, they provide plenty of light transmission through the simple design and the wonderfully sized 50mm objective lens. During the day, you will see a consistently bright image no matter what the magnification is set to, and at night, you will still have plenty of light in the scope image to identify your target.

The eye relief is generous, at 3.75 inches, and the setup is simple with normal windage and elevation adjustments. Wider field of view, and more functionality for an everyday pest killer, or for varmint hunting.

This is a very nice scope, and as usual, Simmons has made the cuts in precisely the right places to offer a very capable scope at a lower price than competitors.

***Editor’s note: If you’re looking for a new scope for your .22 as well, we wrote a great article that can be found here.***