The Best Scope for Your AK-47

The AK rifle platform is a very versatile weapon. From hunting to home defense, the AK-47 has it all. What most AKs need is a good scope to satisfy that long-range shooting itch, especially if you’re at an outdoor range.

the best scopes for ak47 rifles

If you’ve been searching for the best scope for your AK-47, your search has just ended. We’ll go over all sorts of scopes for AK-47 rifles from holographic sights to long-range rifle scopes.

So let’s get right into our list of the best scopes for AK-47 rifles below:

1. Nikon ProStaff 2-7 x 32

The AK47 is a 30 caliber round, so naturally, to not include a hunting scope on this list would be a mistake. I selected the Nikon ProStaff for several reasons.

It’s affordable. This is a typical deer-rifle class scope that will function superbly on a semi-automatic, like the AK47. If you are taking your Kalashnikov on a hunting trip, put a good hunting scope on it. The 2-7 range will make your weapon more than precise enough to pick a deer off at 200 yards, and the low end of the scale will keep it ready for those other situations when you want a larger field of view.

The reliability and zero retaining abilities of the ProStaff leave it up to the task for years of reliable service on any rifle.

The downsides depend on usage, and that will be a theme in this article. In this case, if you won’t be hunting with this rifle, the ProStaff is probably a poor choice. It’s long and bulky, it doesn’t look all that great on an AK47 mount, and let’s be honest, it doesn’t have any of the fun features that most AK47 users are looking for on their Kalashnikov. It’s just a hunting scope.

2. Eotech HHS l with Magnifier

When I hear AK47 scope, one thing comes immediately to mind: a battle sight. The EOTech is a great do-it-all battle sight/scope combination that perfectly matches the Kalashnikov in my mind. Sleek, stylish, and functional.

When you need to store your AK, or can make use of it, the 3x magnifier is right there where you want it, and just enough scope, depending on your eyes. I love punching tiny targets at 100 yards with 3x magnification. It keeps the reticle from bouncing around the target, yet it’s enough to make sure that your crosshairs are on target at that range.

Speaking of crosshairs, the reticle on the EOTech is simple: a single dot at the center of a circle with notches at the cardinal points. Simple elegant, useful. Some don’t like the dot-in-a-circle thing. Personally, I love it. This setup doesn’t cater to long range with tiny targets, but it’s good enough to get the job done, whether it’s taking a deer at 150 yards, or protecting your home.

This is a superb scope kit for the AK47. Incredibly versitile, but pretty expensive too.

3. Aimpoint Micro H-1

If it’s a red-dot you are looking for, then look no farther. This wonderfully crisp 2 MOA dot will enchant you with how beautifully tiny it is. The device itself is rock solid, and it’s made by a quality manufacturer.

What more could you ask for? A lower price-tag? Okay, well maybe, but this one is definitely worth the money. If you are going to get a red dot, you want one that you can drag through the jungle or cross the desert with. You want something you only have to buy once. Kalashnikovs are among the most mistreated weapons in the world (it’s all in good fun, right?), so you need some rugged glass to top it with. And if you want a red-dot without magnification, this is the one that will match the reliability of the AK47.

You won’t be plinking pennies from long range, but the scope is fast on target and enjoyable, a perfect compliment to your AK47, for fun or as a self defense weapon.

4. Trijicon ACOG for AK-47

If you have the money, and you want the best, accept no substitute. The ACOG is battle tested, most of them are 4×32 scopes, which means plenty of light and just the right magnification for anything. The reason this model was chosen is because it comes equipped with a reflex sight for a close-quarters defense weapon.

No batteries, no fuss. Capability of the rifle and scope to take game out to 200 yards, yet battle ready to defend a tiny apartment from intruders. The only downside to a Trijicon is the cost, especially on an AK47. I think in the minds of most, when it comes to the “best scope” for a Kalashnikov, the ACOG wins with flying colors, but it may end up costing more than the rifle did.