Best Scope Covers

Thnk scope covers are one-size-fits-all? Think again. Before you scratch up your expensive scope by neglecting a scope cover, read this article. Especially when storing your rifle, investing in a high-quality scope cover will keep your rifle from gathering dust or moisture that could damage the scope. Especially with expensive thermal scopes, this is something you can’t neglect! Learn more about the best scope covers below.

best scope covers

Leupold Scope Cover

An affordable yet effective option for gunowners who are searching to protect their long arms, the Leupold Scope Cover offers immense protection with a sleek, modern style.

This scope cover is excellent for keeping your lenses clear of dirt and grime, and will also go a long way towards keeping your long arm safe from water and rain. The nylon-laminated neoprene guarantees to customers that this product is entirely waterproof and will help keep fog damage at bay, meaning your scope can sleep safely whether it’s in the field or sitting in a storage locker at home

This option is a fantastic, simple scope cover for long arm owners who don’t want the quality of their firearm to fade with age.

Down Under Outdoors Silicone Rubber Rifle Scope Binocular Cover

The workers at Down Under Outdoors have outdone themselves with this fantastic silicone rubber rifle cover, an option that’s fantastic for gunowners who want scope protection but also need their firearms to be ready within a moment’s notice.

Priced well this silicone rubber rifle cover features no caps nor neoprene, with nothing to open, thus enabling you to keep shooting in inclement weather conditions without having to fret about the quality of your scope being diminished.

Built to ward off the sun, snow, rain, and even dust, this option is versatile and a fantastic choice for gunowners who enjoy shooting in a wide range of outdoor environments. A gap of 1.5mm between the objective lens and the barrel ensure that minimum clearance is required, and the lifetime warranty offered with this product ensures you’re getting your money’s worth when you pay.

Vortex Optics Sure Fit Riflescope Cover

Yet another admired option from Vortex Optics is the Sure Fit Riflescope Cover, fitting most riflescopes in the 14-16-inch range with a bell diameter over 2.25 inches.

A great fit for most long arms, this Sure Fit cover is waterproof and stretches easily, making it a breeze to put on or take off. With a wide range of sizes, it’s also a diverse offering that can meet the needs of gunowners with expansive arsenals and a wide array of scopes that need to be cherished and protected.

This pricier option makes up for its higher cost with its immense quality. The trusted Vortex brand will be with you everywhere with this scope cover, helping you stay shooting for years to come regardless of what weather you may encounter.

Monstrum Tactical Rubberized Flip-Up Rifle Scope Cover

Gunowners searching for a simple yet reliable scope cover that won’t break the bank need look no further than the Monstrum Tactical Rubberized Flip-Up Rifle Scope Cover, which conforms tightly around your scope tube to prevent your lens from suffering the harsh effects of dust and abrasion.

The spring-loaded flip-up mechanism make this scope cover a breeze to use, securing your scope tightly whenever you want to keep it safe from outside damage.

A range of sizes also helps ensure that gunowners can find a unique option specifically tailored to their particular rifle scope. Gunowners can select from a wide range of options that go as low as 26-30mm and as high as 55-62mm, meaning this option is an ideal fit for almost any arsenal.

The durable rubber and thick polymer materials won’t quit out on you, either, and can enable you to take even the most precious of scopes into the harshest and dampest of conditions. Priced as low as $10.90, it also meets the needs of scope protection without forcing you to shell out the big bucks.

Built to Last

Whether you’re in the market for a scope eyeshade, or full on storing scope cover, firearm maintenance is similar to maintaining a vehicle. If you neglect it, you’re only going to get 50% of it’s use before it’s time to replace it. Keep your firearms maintained over the wintertime for a stress-free shooting season.