Best Scope Ring Mounts

Scope ring mounts are the essential piece that attaches your rifle’s scope to the body of the firearm. The stability of this link is essential since anything less than a vice grip is going to seriously sacrifice your long range accuracy. Learn more about the best scope ring mounts below.

best scope ring mounts

OTW Scope High Profile Mount Rings Picatinny Mount

This fantastic dual-ring scope mount is perfect for gun owners everywhere who are searching for a 30mm tube scope piece. The offset of this ring mount is particularly unique, with its attractive design also possessing greater flexibility than many alternatives despite its competitive price. For those who are in dire need of a scope ring mount for any flat-top Picatinny track, this option and it’s advanced aluminum build is effectively unbeatable on the marketplace.

This incredibly durable product won’t be breaking or wearing down on the gunowners who purchase it anytime soon. With each ring weighing a paltry 3.85 ounces each, this product won’t burden your firearm nor prove to be too much of a hassle to affix to your gun of choice. For those who need optimal eye relief and the ability to seamlessly identify your targets right away, this style of ring mount is preferred. At 0.6 inches from the base of the mount to the bottom of its rings, this ring mount enjoys a slightly taller and more notable profile than many others.

Modkin Scope Rings

Those searching for one of the best rifle scope rings available should consider Modkin’s Scope Rings, a high-profile set of excellent rings made for Picatinny rails. This set of 2 rings is a mere price and is great for most scopes that are in a 1 inch/25.4mm scope tube. Standing tall at .071 inches from the base of the mount to the bottom of the rings, this steep option has a full item height of 2 inches. Each side of these rings come equipped with 1 rail clamp screw and 2 scope clamp screws, which work together to effectively guarantee that your scope isn’t going anywhere without your permission. Easy to disassemble should a need for maintenance arise, this effective option is popular amongst gunowners with a wide array of longarms in particular.

Ade Advanced Optics 1-Inch Scope Adapter Ring

Gunowners who want equipment that’s machine-tooled with absolute precision will likely be huge fans of the Ade Advanced Optics 1-inch Scope Adapter Ring, perfect for mounting on Picatinny/Weaver top rails. This anodized black option features a see-through design that’s perfect for backups and secondary lasers. Weighing just 0.9 ounces, its single weaver-style 1-inch scope adapter can be neatly pocketed and won’t disrupt the existing ergonomics and feel of your firearm.

This competitively-priced option is one of the best options on the cheaper end of the spectrum for gunowners who need special equipment to affix their favorite red dot sights, flashlights, or green laser sights.

Monstrum Tactical High-Performance Cantilever Dual Ring Scope Mount

This fantastic option from Monstrum is highly lauded in its industry thanks in part to the lightweight aluminum construction that gives it a durable feel without making it too heavy to be useful. The dual ring scope mount can be used when gunowners need to mount a standard 1-inch tube rifle scope onto their preferred firearm, and the 2 inches of forward extension that are offered to users gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to eye movements and positioning before you shoot.

This scope ring mount is perfectly suited for any Picatinny rail equipped rifle, and requires a minimum of 3 inches of rail space to successfully be installed. With 1 inch of vertical clearance, this higher-end option for scope ring mounts is pricy but well-worth it, given its luxurious nature and weight of only 9 ounces, which is especially impressive considering its toughness and hefty size and stature.

Inspect Your Ring Mount

If you have a current ring mount, is it fitting flush to the firearm? Is it high-profile, or low-profile? Depending on your shooting habits, make sure you understand how high your scope will sit on the rifle. Good scope heights will lower eye strain, allowing you to get a clearer shot on target.