The Best Self-Defense Knives

Whether or not if you carry concealed (you should if you legally can), having a good knife on you at all times for self-defense is definitely a good idea. In this post, our experts take a look at some of the best self defense knives on the market today and review them.

best self defense knife

Carrying a good self defense knife on you can mean the difference between life and death so we took this review very seriously and thoroughly researched our list of the best self defense knives below.

KA-BAR BK-22 Companion Fixed Blade Knife

A solid all around knife, perfect for self defense, but also adapted well for survival scenarios. The blade is constructed from 1095 high carbon steel (like most Ka-Bars), it has an overall length of 10-1/2 inches, so while it would work well for a high stress defense situation, it obviously isn’t the best option for everyone.

The scales are 100% synthetic, and if you can carry a longer blade for self defense, this one will serve you well. The extended pommel can be used to shatter glass or pound tent stakes. It doubles as a means to wound instead of kill, when a pop to the scalp will be plenty to deter an attacker, allowing time to get away and call the police. The included sheath will attach to a belt without removing it first, which is a nice feature for those places where you would rather leave it in the car.

Ka Bar makes some great stuff and this knife is no exception. It also comes at a steal of a price right now on Amazon.

MTech USA MT-588 Series Fixed Blade Neck Knife for Self Defense

If you are looking for something a little smaller, check out this spear point from MTech. A neck-knife designed for stabbing, the finger hole provides a solid grip so you can stick and get away. It also serves as part of the locking mechanism that keeps it safely in sheath by clicking into place. 4.25 inches overall and carved from coated stainless steel, so it shouldn’t ever rust.

The sheath also has a pocket clip in places where around-the-neck carry isn’t suggested. The edges aren’t very sharp, but this isn’t exactly designed for cutting or whittling. Even if it isn’t your primary defense tool, it makes a great back-up at a very low price.

MTech USA MT-20-14 Series Fixed Blade Neck Knife

If while looking at the previous choices, one was too long and one was too short, then this blade from MTech should be just right. 6.5 inches overall, this little dagger makes a wonderful protection piece, and the sheath is made from hard plastic and attachable just about anywhere you would want it. 5 chord holes surround the belt and webbing spaces. Even though it’s considered a neck knife, it could easily function on a boot, a backpack, a belt, or anywhere else you can fit it.

If you want a simple stick and twist self defense solution, this knife is for you, and at this price it’s hard to ask for much more from MTech.

SOG Key Folding Knife KEY-101 – 1.5″ Blade

A pen knife shaped like a key. It may look incredibly gimmicky, but this knife from SOG is no joke. It’s allegedly snuck past a couple security checkpoints, but of course I don’t recommend that. The knife does indeed stand out on any keychain, and security personnel will take a second look and figure out what it is. However, for walking to your car in a dark parking lot, this is perhaps the perfect solution.

I often grip my keys between my fingers to make a spiky fist pack when I’m feeling threatened. This simply ups the stakes for an attacker. When it comes to being incredibly handy, low profile, and sharp, this knife matches your requirements. Don’t talk yourself into buying other models, the SOG is priced low enough that you shouldn’t need to go shopping elsewhere for something of lower quality.

Kootek Tactical Flashlight Knife K1 Multifunctional Self Defense Survival Knife

You want versatility? Here it is with a twist. It looks and handles like a flashlight, and incredibly bright 800 lumen flashlight that alone is enough to stun an attacker. On the back of the light, where you would normally find a on/off switch, is an attack hammer that will double as a glass breaker in an emergency. The setup can be configured with or without the knife attachment, depending on where you are going. It includes everything, the flashlight, the knife, an 18650 battery, and even a USB charging cable. All of this for about twenty bucks.

When it comes to cool and handy tactical gadgets, this is one for the record books. As stated, the glass breaker will make due in an emergency, but it isn’t specifically designed for that purpose and will damage itself if used for anything but a punch against soft targets. This particular self-defense knife also makes a great gift for those you love.